• Rumors claim Rockstar Games would soon release a game collection of remasters
  • The gaming studio has not yet said anything about the speculations
  • A new rating may have confirmed the rumors are true after all

American gaming studio Rockstar Games has not yet confirmed that it will release remasters of some of its old titles but a newly uncovered rating may have confirmed rumors that "GTA Trilogy Remastered" is well on its way.

It was reported last month that Rockstar Games was aiming to launch a collection of remastered versions of some of its classic "Grand Theft Auto" titles sometime in the later 2021.

While the gaming studio has not said anything about the report, it looks like rumors about the said collection are true based on the recently uncovered game rating from South Korea.

GTA V at 144 Hz FPS with graphic settings maxed out
GTA V at 144 Hz FPS with graphic settings maxed out IBTimes / Jeff Li

The said rating was shared by an industry insider who goes by the name Nibel on microblogging site Twitter.

The Game Rating and Administration Committee (GRAC) database in South Korea listed a new "GTA" game collection called "Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition."

The GRAC is a government arm in charge of reviewing and rating video games. Unfortunately, the listing does not specify the gaming platforms on which the collection will release, but it indicated the game collection is published by Take-Two Interactive.

Meanwhile, Rockstar Games already published the game collection "Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy" on the PlayStation Store for PS4.

The same game collection has also been listed on Steam for PC gamers. Moreover, the GRAC rating also confirmed what the game publisher said in August.

It may be recalled that Take-Two Interactive mentioned it has “new iterations of previously released titles” in development and described them as “ports and remastered titles."

It is interesting to note that the GRAC rating, as well as the listings on PlayStation Store and Steam, all referenced the previous Rockstar Games' release called "Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy." It is a collection of games for PlayStation 2, PC and Xbox released in 2006.

Unfortunately, no release window has been listed in the GRAC or the PS Store and Steam listing.

However, in August, Kotaku reported that the rumored remasters might release sometime between the late part of October and the early part of November 2021.

In a new report, the site claimed its sources have revealed that Rockstar Games changed its plan about the game's release. It is believed that "Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy" would release sometime in Nov. 2021.