A man has recently been found guilty of helping his fragile friend, Mikey Buskey to commit suicide for "entertainment" purposes.

Parker Hogan, 20 was found guilty of assisting suicide and falsifying evidence on Wednesday in Haverhill, New Hampshire.

According to Grafton County Deputy Attorney Paul Fitzgerald, Parker Hogan trained a vulnerable Buskey to commit suicide.

The incident happened in a wooded area in Plymouth, New Hampshire on May 2018. Hogan was found guilty of aiding the act by giving him a stick to pull the trigger and showing him where to point the gun.

Hogan was also found guilty of falsifying evidence by wiping off his fingerprints from the weapon. He was also charged with falsification of evidence by removing small bottles of alcohol from the scene, but the jury acquitted him on that charge.

On hearing the verdict, Buskey’s mother said nothing was going to bring her son back, though there was relief and they could start to mourn.

Fitzgerald stated assisting suicide might have been entertainment for Parker, but it was not in the eyes of the law and the family of the deceased.

Hogan had initially given a testimony claiming he initially tried to talk his friend out of killing himself. He did fail to tell anyone else that could have intervened and stopped Buskey.

The defense claimed Hogan was Buskey’s friend, and his only crime was to assist him in carrying out his wishes.

The defense attorney, Renee Sargent claimed Mikey wanted to commit suicide and he was comfortable talking about death. He was also comfortable telling the people around him that he wanted to die.

Michael Buskey’s mother Jeniffer Phelps claims she is relieved that Hogan had been convicted in a long wait for justice.

Hogan is the one that procured the shotgun and the ammunition from another roommate, Jeremiah, and gave it to Buskey. He also gave him a notepad and pen where he wrote the suicide note.

He also gave Buskey the directions on how to fire the weapon to make sure the result would be fatal.

In early May, Hogan pretended to discover Buskey’s body and then called the Plymouth Police.

Hogan’s attorney claimed that Buskey did not want his friend to be brought up on charges, so he instructed Hogan to wipe his fingerprints from the gun. On this count of falsification of evidence, Hogan was found guilty.

The sentencing date for Hogan has not been announced. He is going to be released on bail, though until the sentencing.

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