Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton
Gwen Stefani (L) and recording artist Blake Shelton attend the grand opening of her 'Gwen Stefani - Just a Girl' residency at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino on June 28, 2018 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Getty Images/Ethan Miller

There has been a rumor circulating online about Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton in the past few days. Reports are suggesting that the singer is still affected by her divorce and that experience is making her fearful of commitment with Shelton. These rumors have now been debunked.

According to Gossip Cop, a rumor about Stefani and Shelton falsely states that the former is “unsure” and “hesitant” about getting married again. A “source” has reportedly claimed that the singer is “scared” after dealing with the divorce process she went through with her first husband Gavin Rossdale.

The divorce procedure is supposed to have made Stefani “afraid” about commitment, according to the rumor. The website that made this claim had previously suggested that the singer was “relieved” that Shelton didn’t propose to her during Christmas, which further fuels the other false stories regarding Stefani’s reluctance when it comes to getting married.

Stefani’s rep has already said that he pretends that the website that made these wild claims doesn’t exist, implying that this is a false story. What should further confirm that this story is false is that the same website had previously claimed that Stefani was secretly married to Shelton. It is interesting to note that a “source” previously claimed that the two celebrities were married, while now a “source” claims that the “Don’t Speak” singer is hesitant about marriage.

As far as the official word from Stefani is concerned, the singer previously said in an interview with “Today Show” that there is “zero pressure” for her to get married, even though many of the fans were expecting an engagement announcement during Christmas. In the video of the interview posted on Twitter, the singer explained that she has found her “best friend” that she can depend on, trust, and go through life. She also added that she hopes this relationship lasts forever.

A source previously told People that Stefani and Shelton are “still madly in love and beyond inseparable.” Why aren’t they married yet? The source explained that Shelton is taking his time on this, but he is “absolutely committed” to his girlfriend.

“They both feel they’ve found their true partner in life and plan to be together forever,” the source said about the Stefani and Shelton relationship. The source also confirmed that Blake treats Stefani’s kids as his own. “They just glow when they’re together,” the source said about the family.