Gwen Stefani took a trip down memory lane recently, as she flipped through a book full of pictures of her over the years. A video of the singer flipping through the book and talking about her fashion evolution has surfaced online.

Stefani shared the video on her Instagram page in which she talked about some her looks and style in the pictures that were taken of her over the years. The pictures were compiled by Vogue Magazine, and the singer said that she could talk about fashion all day.

In her early days as a singer, Stefani preferred to wear tank tops. Looking at a picture of her in a white tank top and leopard print pants, the singer said that she almost always wore tank tops back then because they looked cool. The outfits she chose at the time were a combination of glamour and a little bit of tomboyish looks.

Changing up her style also included adding some color to her hair. When Stefani started to get some fan following, people apparently started sending her free stuff. One of the gifts was a paste that turned her hair blue, and the singer tried it because she wanted to have the look of Judy from the cartoon series “The Jetsons.”She finished the look with a furry, blue bathing suit top and sandals that someone sent her.

Commenting on the video, Vogue Magazine stated that Stefani’s personal style is inspiring. “Nobody does plaid pants, tank tops, and candy-colored hair like Stefani,” the post on the magazine’s Instagram page reads.

The changes in her dress and hair over the years have been a result of her personal experiences in life. Stefani said that sometimes she would change the color of her hair after a life-changing event like a breakup to wash away all the negative feelings.

Stefani is currently busy with her performance at her Las Vegas residency. She has been sharing pictures of her performances with her fans on Instagram. The singer has been performing at the Zappos Theater.

Gwen Stefani
Gwen Stefani is in Hong Kong, where she will perform at a live concert. In Picture: Singer Gwen Stefani attends the grand opening of her 'Gwen Stefani - Just a Girl' residency at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino on June 28, 2018 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Getty Images/Ethan Miller