Hailie Mathers began to get attention on Wednesday because of her father Eminem’s 40th birthday after he shared pictures of them on his Facebook page.

Eminem, whose real name is Marshall Mathers, has often vowed his affection for his daughter, and allegedly based a character off her in the loosely autobiographical film “8 Mile.”

Hailie Mathers' reappearance on social media again brought up the Twitter hoax controversy where a girl under the Twitter handle @Angry_Blonde was pretending to be Eminem’s daughter.

The Huffington Post UK first fell victim to the ploy after becoming curious about what the rap superstar’s daughter looked like years after her voice had been heard on some of her father’s tracks.

The Twitter account in question featured numerous pictures of a blonde teenage girl along with posts that claimed to be coming from Eminem’s daughter, Hailie Jade Scott Mathers.

From the account, it appeared that the young girl had blossomed into a beautiful woman.

Even though Eminem’s representatives have denied that the @Angry_Blonde account is actually his daughter, the user is still claiming to be the real Hailie Mathers.

So even though it’s been proven that she is not Slim Shady’s daughter, @Angry_Blonde is still trying to fool users with the façade.

She has recently tweeted:

“@RedBull_TryHard: @Angry_Blonde why isnt your account like a verified celebrity thing #JustWondering” cause im not a celebrity, my dad is

“I will always be there for him like I am right now, dont try to get into my private life”

Despite being an impersonator, @Angry_Blonde has nearly 59,000 followers.

Though she might be the most successful, she’s not the only Hailie Mathers wannabe.

Twitter user @hailiejade_x is also claiming to be Eminem’s daughter, and has about 14,000 followers. She too tweets about being in support of Slim Shady.

She has tweeted in the past few days:

“Does anybody know if #askHailie trended??” and “@megitnaasty of course but I'm not allowed to post any photos of my family anywhere on the internet :-)”

The Huffington Post is searching for the “real” Hailie Mathers to confirm her Internet presence.