Hallmark Channel’s Countdown to Christmas continues Saturday night with its second premiere of the event, “Christmas Festival of Ice.”

The new film stars Taylor Cole, who’s stunned in past Hallmark movies like “My Summer Prince” and “Christmas in Homestead,” and Damon Runyan, who, with movies like “One Starry Christmas” and “Valentine Ever After,” is also no stranger to the network.

christmas festival of ice cast
A young woman faces her future as a lawyer in a small New England town where the annual Christmas ice sculpting competition in which she and her father have always competed has been canceled in Hallmark Channel’s “Christmas Festival of Ice.” Copyright 2017 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Petr Maur

What can you expect, besides love and romance, of course, from this new Hallmark movie? Here’s the official synopsis:

For as long as she can remember, Emma Parkers (Cole) and her dad have competed as an ice sculpting team in Westford, New Hampshire’s annual Christmas Festival of Ice. It’s her favorite thing to do at her favorite time of year. She returns to Westford following law school to partner in her mom’s law practice. After discovering that Westford’s annual ice sculpting contest has been cancelled due to lack of funding, Emma takes it upon herself to raise the $20,000 needed to reinstate it. In so doing, she reignites her passion for this hometown tradition but also begins to realize that practicing law might no longer be her dream.

After meeting local Christmas tree farmer Nick Claiborne (Runyan), something else is awakened in Emma and, even though Nick tries to hide from her his talent for ice sculpting, she discovers he is an amazing artist and encourages him to participate in the competition. When he puts in a good word for her fund-raising with a local businessman, whom Emma thinks anonymously donated the money needed to underwrite the ice sculpting contest, she comes to appreciate Nick even more. What started out as friendship is quickly growing into something more, something Emma has always hoped for but has been reluctant to embrace.

When Emma’s dad, who has overheard Nick and Emma talking and realizes that they should team up for the competition, drops out of the competition, Emma and Nick become the team to beat at this year’s festival. However, Emma’s “day job” working at her mom’s law office keeps getting in the way and she nearly misses the start of the 72-hour competition. With Nick encouraging her to follow her passion, just as Emma had encouraged him to do, Emma must break some surprising news to her mom.

Still not certain of what she wants to do with her life professionally, Emma knows for certain what she doesn’t want to do, and also knows that whatever she decides, it will be in Westford, with Nick at her side.

Watch “Christmas Festival of Ice” when it premieres on Hallmark Channel on Saturday at 8/7c p.m.