christmas at holly lodge
“Christmas at Holly Lodge” comes to Hallmark Channel on Sunday. Crown Media/Ricardo Hubbs

Grab some eggnog and Christmas cookies and settle in for yet another new Hallmark Channel Countdown to Christmas movie.

Tonight’s premiere of “Christmas at Holly Lodge” stars Alison Sweeney and Jordan Bridges. Sweeney has had a couple other movies on the channel, like 2013’s “Second Chances” and “Love on the Air” in 2015, but she’s had plenty on its sister network, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries.

Sweeney stars in the “Murder, She Baked” franchise on the network, which already has five movies in its catalogue. She was also in the one-off romance film on the same network in 2016 called “The Irresistible Blueberry Farm” with Marc Blucas.

“Rizzoli & Isles” alum Bridges is also no stranger to the Hallmark Channel, though his films have been a bit more scattered throughout the years. He was in 2009’s “Love Finds a Home” with Haylie Duff and he was also in two different Hallmark movies, six years apart, where, in both, he plays an actor hired to pretend to be someone’s significant other. One was “Family Plan” with Tori Spelling in 2005, his first Hallmark Channel movie, and the other was “Holiday Engagement” in 2011 with Bonnie Somerville, which was his last movie on the network.

This time, Bridges is switching things up and playing a completely different character. What type of character?

Well, that takes a bit of explaining, so how about we just look at all of the things fans can expect to see from Sweeney and Bridge’s new Christmas movie?

“Orphaned since college, Sophie (Sweeney) had no choice but to take charge and keep Holly Lodge, which has been in her family for generations, up and running. Unfortunately, business has been sluggish the past three years due to the lack of snow and Sophie is eight months behind on the mortgage,” the synopsis reveals. “But it’s the Christmas season, Sophie’s favorite time of year, and she isn’t going to let that stand in the way of her annual Christmas celebration, a tradition that started the Christmas after her parents died.”

Every year, Sophie brings friends, family and strangers together who would otherwise be alone during the holiday and it’s something that she always loves to do.

“As guests start to arrive, there is already magic in the air. This year there is a new face that shows up and from the moment they lock eyes, Sophie is instantly drawn to Evan Hunter (Bridges), the handsome and charming real estate investor,” the synopsis shares.

Unfortunately, Callie (Crystal Lowe), Sophie’s best friend and right hand, learns that Evan isn’t there for some holiday fun, but is actually there for business. Evan’s been sent to assess the property for his millionaire boss to buy. Once learning about this, Sophie’s determined to sabotage the assessment.

“Unexpectedly, Evan falls in love with Holly Lodge as well as Sophie and in the process, realizes what his life has been missing,” the synopsis teases. “Time is now running out for Sophie who, reluctant to believe in Christmas miracles, considers throwing in the towel. The only thing that can save Holly Lodge now is a change of heart but that could cost Evan his career.”

Will Evan risk his job to be with Sophie? Will the two find a way to make a relationship work despite its rocky beginnings? We probably know the answers to these questions already, but that won’t make the journey to finding out that our guesses are right any less fun and romantic.

See Sweeney and Bridges in “Christmas at Holly Lodge” tonight at 8 p.m. EST on Hallmark Channel.