Hallmark Channel’s first new movie of 2018, “Love on the Slopes,” is also the first one of its Winterfest event. Not to mention that it’s the first Hallmark movie for both of its stars, Katrina Bowden and Thomas Beaudoin, too.

Though they haven’t been on the network before, they have both been in TV moves, with Beaudoin starring in Lifetime’s “The Spirit of Christmas” in 2015 and Bowden front and center in “I Killed my BFF,” also on Lifetime.

Now, the two are taking on Hallmark together in their winter-themed flick that’s all about finding romance where they least expect it.

“Copyeditor for Around the World Travel, Alex Burns (Bowden) has always wanted to see her own words in print,” the synopsis begins. “Now she has a chance to realize her dream as the magazine is holding a contest. The one who writes the best travel article will make the cover story, land a writing position, and win a first class ticket to anywhere in the world.”

When Alex tells her investment banker boyfriend Barton Kane (Anthony Konechny), he’s supportive of her, but is quick to tell her that he’s made partner at his company. He’s also a bit confused that she’s being a risk taker and going after something.

“In fact, Alex was almost too timid to approach her boss, Peter McHugh (Chris Shields) with her story idea – a profile of Cole Taylor (Beaudoin), the elusive nature and extreme sports photographer who lives at the Ridgeline Resort in the Colorado Rockies,” the synopsis continues. “Encouraged by her co-worker and best friend Kate (Elysia Rotaru), Alex finally makes her pitch and McHugh loves it. The only catch is he wants her to write from the angle of a non-adventurer trying every extreme sport she can.”

This is bit difficult for Alex as she’s a klutz and afraid of heights, but with only seven days to do the story, she decides to give it all a try.

love on the slopes hallmark
Katrina Bowden and Thomas Beaudoin star in Hallmark Channel’s new winter movie “Love on the Slopes." Crown Media/Kailey Schwerman

“The challenges begin when the shuttle to the resort breaks down and a handsome stranger offers her a ride,” the synopsis shares. “Not knowing it’s Cole Taylor and afraid to get in his Jeep, Alex refuses and trudges off alone. Exhausted but eager to begin right away, she signs up for a biking excursion. But when she learns it’s on a mountain, she jumps off the chairlift and nearly causes a pile-up. Luckily, the same cute guy offers a hand, and she accepts. Heading back, someone calls out to Cole and Alex realizes who he is.”

Later, Alex makes a deal with Cole at his gallery where he’s having trouble engaging with viewers. She says she’ll help him with his art exhibit if he helps her with try out some extreme sports, and he agrees.

“Cole starts Alex out easy at a climbing gym but soon she’s doing an obstacle course, skiing and ziplining,” the synopsis continues. “Photographing her exhilaration, Cole feels inspiration he hasn’t felt in years and Alex feels more alive than ever. As the two get to know each other they find they share a common desire to see Africa’s Victoria Falls and also begin to fall in love.”

Everything goes up in flames, though, when Barton arrives and spills that Cole is a part of her article, which upsets him because he feels like his privacy was breached. Later, after he reads Alex’s piece, Cole realizes she really never betrayed him, especially when she flies all the way back to Colorado to see him with her winning plane ticket.

Catch the full winter love story when “Love on the Slopes” premieres on Hallmark Channel Saturday at 9 p.m. EST.