Taylor Cole and Jack Turner reunite on the Hallmark Channel with the new Winterfest Saturday premiere of “One Winter Weekend.” The two first found on-screen romance with each other in the 2016 royal Hallmark flick “My Summer Prince,” and their chemistry was so palpable that the network decided to give them a round two.

Aside from her past mutual history on the channel, Cole’s also starred in a number of other Hallmark movies. She kicked off her career with the network at the start of 2016, with Valentine’s Day film, “Appetite for Love,” with Andrew Walker, and then went on to star in a few more over the years, including “Christmas in Homestead,” with Michael Rady, “The Art of Us,” with Steve Lund and the recent holiday movie, “Christmas Festival of Ice.”

For Turner, this is just his second go at the Hallmark Channel, which means Cole remains his only romantic co-star on the network, something fans surely have no problem with after seeing their last movie together. The first one was about a royal romance, but let’s take a look at what this new one will bring.

“Cara Huntley (Cole) is somewhat torn between her job as a relationship columnist at a women’s magazine and going to grad school, where she knows she will learn to be a real writer,” the synopsis begins. “She agrees to a girl’s snowboarding weekend with her friend Megan (Rukiya Bernard) after seeing the guy she’s been dating kissing another woman.”

After being burned by her last relationship, Cara decides to stop dating and just focus on herself, and it’s because of this that her boss tells her to use her own experiences to work on a new assignment while she’s hitting the slopes with her friend.

winter weekend hallmark Hallmark Channel’s new movie “One Winter Weekend” stars Jack Turner and Taylor Cole. Photo: Crown Media / Steven Ackerman

“The girls arrive at their chalet to find it occupied by two guys; a doctor named Sean (Dewshane Williams) and his pal Ben (Turner) who, like Cara, is lying low on the dating front,” the synopsis continues. “After learning they are all stuck there together when there are no more accommodations available, Ben and Cara rub each other the wrong way from the start. As the weekend progresses and Cara and Ben begin warming up to one another, an undeniable spark grows between them.”

With the weekend coming to a close, Ben decides to ask Cara to join him at a charity auction he has to attend, and she agrees, but little does she know that Ben is actually the CEO of a huge snowboard company, which is why he has such high-class events to attend. However, as the night continues, the two of them begin to rethink their positions on not dating when they realize that there’s something building between them.

“When Cara learns from her editor about Ben’s recent public breakup, and Ben finds out that Cara writes about relationships in a women’s magazine, each is thrown for an emotional loop and, fearing that he might be the subject of Cara’s next column, Ben bolts,” the synopsis reveals.

Will Ben and Cara be able to fight through their trust issues to fight for each other?

Find out when “One Winter Weekend” debuts on Hallmark Channel on Saturday (Jan. 20) at 9 p.m. EST.