Go on a trip of a lifetime with Hallmark Channel’s “Pearl in Paradise,” premiering Saturday night with Jill Wagner and Kristoffer Polaha in starring roles.

Though Wagner and Polaha are both Hallmark veterans, this is the first 2018 film for each of them. Their most recent Hallmark flicks were 2017 Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Christmas ones, with “Rocky Mountain Christmas” for Polaha and “Karen Kingsbury's Maggie's Christmas Miracle” for Wagner. “Pearl in Paradise” is their first project together.

The Summer Nights movie centers on “Natural Discoveries” photographer Alex Anderson (Wagner), who loves going on adventures to get the perfect picture. Now, she’s tasked with brainstorming a great cover idea for the magazine’s 30th-anniversary issue in order to become the new creative director. After realizing that pearls are often given as a 30th-anniversary gift, she decides that finding a lost blue pearl in the Fijian rainforest would be a perfect cover idea.

“She pitches the idea of going to Fiji to photograph the pearl, which she plans to locate by interviewing the author of ‘Pearl in Paradise,’ who claims to be the only person to know where the pearl is,” the synopsis shares. “Intrigued, her boss gives Alex the go-ahead on the condition that she photographs the pearl, but Colin Page (Polaha), the author, guest writes the article.”

pearl in paradise synopsis
Alex (Jill Wagner) and Colin (Kristoffer Polaha) enjoy drinks together in “Pearl in Paradise.” Crown Media / Allan Stephen

Meanwhile, Colin is less-than-thrilled when his agent suggests that he write this article because while he’s written about the pearl, he’s never been to Fiji and doesn’t quite like adventures. He also might’ve exaggerated a bit about knowing the mysterious pearl’s location. Still, his book sales aren’t doing too well and this would be a great way for him to gain back some readers. He agrees to meet with Alex and sets off to Fiji.

“Unwittingly meeting at the airport where they grapple over bags and she accidentally steals his cab, Alex and Colin don’t get off to a great start,” the synopsis continues. “Still, it seems opposites do attract and when they realize who each other is at the resort later, the flirting begins. In fact, while shopping for survival gear the next day, they’re mistaken for a romantic couple hoping the legend is true – that those who find the pearl together will marry.”

The following day, Fijian local Malakai (Rob Kipa-Williams) leads Alex and Colin through the rainforest. She falls while trying to get a photo, and he slips while trying to act “macho,” the synopsis reveals. Since they’ve both embarrassed themselves, they begin to lower their guards and open up to each other about why they’re not in relationships. “She admits she’s always traveling after the next great photo, and he admits every woman expects him to be Blake Montoya,” the synopsis says. While they’re being honest, Colin reveals that he doesn’t actually know where the pearl is, and, while Alex is upset at first, she admits that she still would’ve wanted his help anyway. As the two continue their adventure in Fiji to find the pearl, they begin to realize they might be finding love, as well.

“Pearl in Paradise” premieres on Hallmark Channel on Saturday at 9 p.m. EDT.