Over 100 new movies premiere every year on Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, and most of them feature various combinations of actors and actresses already within the Hallmark family.

Fans often share on social media which pairings they’d like to see happen next, but which ones would the stars themselves like to see? Throughout 2018 and 2019, International Business Times caught up with a bunch of Hallmark actors and actresses (and a screenwriter!), asking them that very question.

Keep reading to find out which fellow members of the Hallmark family stars like Nikki DeLoach, Lacey Chabert, Ryan Paevey and more would love to work with next.

Lacey Chabert (“When in Rome”):

“Cameron Mathison. I see him at ‘Home & Family,’ he’s such a good guy, he’s so talented, and I consider him a friend and it would be fun for us to work together.”

Kavan Smith (“When Calls the Heart: Home for Christmas”):

“I really had a great time working with Alison Sweeney. I had a small part on the ‘Blueberry Farm’ film she did, and she and I just laughed the whole time, and I think she’s really a strong woman and an interesting person, and I would definitely work with her again in a second.

“And we worked with Brooke Shields briefly on ‘When Calls the Heart’ a couple seasons ago, and I thought she was really awesome, too, and a lot of fun.”

Rachel Boston (“Check Inn to Christmas”):

“We’ve got Jesse Metcalfe out there. Maybe I can work with him?”

Cameron Mathison (“The Christmas Club”):

“Nikki DeLoach and I have been talking about it for a long time. Rachel [Boston] is amazing, Lacey [Chabert] is amazing. I’ve already done a movie with Danica, so I can’t be too greedy.”

He continued: “Also, Jill Wagner. Missy, [aka] Melissa Claire Egan… We worked together on ‘All My Children,’ and it would be fun to do a movie with her. I think that would be really cool actually.”

Chris McNally (“When Calls the Heart: Home for Christmas”):

“I really like Emilie Ullerup. I worked briefly with her on ‘Hearts of Christmas,’ but she and Kris Polaha were working on that together, and I’d love to work with her again. We had one quick scene and that was it. I just think she’s such a nice person. I think she’s super talented. She’s someone I would like to work with in the future. She’s as sweet and kind in person as she is onscreen and very down to Earth.”

hallmark stars pair movies Nikki DeLoach, Cameron Mathison and Lacey Chabert shared with IBT which Hallmark stars they would want to work with next. Photo: Crown Media / Sven Boecker; Boecker; Gabriel Hennessey

Nikki DeLoach (“Two Turtle Doves”):

“I would like to do a movie with Wes Brown. I love him. He’s a dear friend, and we were supposed to do a movie together years ago where we were supposed to sing... [so], I’d love to do a movie involving music with him.”

(For an update on this possible pairing, check back on Friday to find out what DeLoach had to say about the 2020 Hallmark movies she’s working on.)

Andrea Brooks (“When Calls the Heart: Home for Christmas”):

When she eventually gets to lead her own Hallmark movie, who would Brooks like to play her leading man?

“I have like 10 people coming to mind. I will say, maybe for the sake of the Hearties, Paul Greene and I have such a great dynamic. We’re such good buddies, and, of course, our characters have so much in common on ‘When Calls,’ and we’re always shooting at the same time because, of course, our characters are both based out of the infirmary. He’s always an easy choice for a lead. Also, the two of us really love singing together, playing music. That’s what we spend a lot of our downtime on set doing on ‘When Calls the Heart.’ So, I think it would be really fun to do maybe a musical project. And I know Paul would be more than fantastic doing something like that.”

She added: “But, also, I love Chris McNally, working with Jeremy Guilbaut, there’s so many wonderful people.”

Jonathan Bennett (“Christmas Made to Order”):

“The big thing we’re going to try for next year is me and Lacey [Chabert]… [also] I wanna work with my girls Rachel Boston, Danica McKellar. Those are my two girls. I could work with these girls all of my life.”

Cindy Busby (“A Godwink Christmas: Meant for Love”):

“[I] met Andrew Walker at the Hallmark TCAs…and I feel like I’d heard of him a lot and I hadn’t ever worked with him or really met him in person, so I would actually really love to work with him because he also is originally from Montréal, as am I, as well. I feel like we might bring some nice east coast Canadian flavor to it, which would be awesome.”

She continued: “I would [also] really love to do a Hallmark movie where the two leads — there would be a love interest in them — but where the two leads are female. Maybe do a movie with Kellie Martin, who is a friend of mine, and I absolutely love working with her. Or even Lacey Chabert. I’ve never personally met her, but I think she seems like a really cool person, and there’s something really fun about two female leads.”

Ryan Paevey (“Christmas at the Plaza”):

“I think Jessica Lowndes and I very nearly started something together and then, I think, scheduling didn’t work out, but I don’t think there’s anybody in the Hallmark universe that I wouldn’t like to work with.”

Julie Wolfe (“Christmas in Montana” screenwriter):

“Ashley Williams, for sure. For the guys that I haven’t had... I want Brandon Routh [from 2014’s ‘The Nine Lives of Christmas’] to come back and do another one. Desperately. That’s it, that’s what I want.”

Jill Wagner (“Christmas Wishes and Mistletoe Kisses”):

“Jaclyn Smith. I’ve always, always, always loved her. I idolized her. I was just hoping that maybe she could be in one of my films... She’s been somebody that I’ve just always really, really found so interesting. And I loved ‘Charlie's Angels,’ and I just idolized her. So, that would be really, really cool. Maybe should could play my mom?”

Julie Gonzalo (“Flip That Romance”):

When asked if she’d like to reunite with former “A Cinderella Story” (and “Freaky Friday) co-star Chad Michael Murray, Gonzalo said: “My God, that was like 15 years ago. I haven't seen him since. Who knows? Of course. I mean, I would never say no to getting reacquainted with an old co-star. That’s fun times. Like, ‘How are you doing?’ …People would love it.”