Get a head start on your Halloween celebration by serving up tasty finger foods that are sure to satisfy the hungriest of ghouls. Whether you are preparing for an adults-only party or you plan to have some fun alongside the kids, there are a variety of spooky appetizers that will entertain your guests and appease their grumbling stomachs.

Below are 10 Halloween appetizer recipes that will liven up any menu during this costumed-themed celebration.

1. Scarecrow Veggie Pizza

Trick your kids into eating their vegetables with this deceiving appetizer. While your little ones may think they are demolishing a spooky scarecrow pizza, they will actually be chowing down on broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, green peppers and other fresh veggies, thanks to this recipe by Taste of Home.

Halloween Food
There is still time to create creepy Halloween appetizers for kids and adults. A special Halloween dinner is pictured during a Halloween event on Oct. 30, 2015 in Ocean Park in Hong Kong. Jerome Favre/Getty Images

2. Mummy Hot Dogs

Transforming pigs in a blanket into spooky bites is easy with this recipe from The Spruce Eats. All you need to do is slice crescent rolls into thin strips and wrap the pieces around the meat. Once you take them out of the oven, use mustard to draw on a creepy face and proudly serve your edible mummies.

3. Poison Toffee Apple

Put a Halloween twist on this classic treat by offering a poison apple to your hangry guests. The devious recipe by Simply Delicious calls for black gel food coloring, Granny Smith apples and several other ingredients in order to turn this delicious fruit into a questionable appetizer.

4. Bone-Crunching Meatballs

Fool adults and kids into believing you may have dropped something in their food with this recipe from Taste of Home. Along with unique ingredients like plum sauce and gingerroot, these hors-d'oeuvres are also stuffed with water chestnuts. The clever addition creates a crunchy texture that will lead guests to wonder whether they are chewing on more than just an appetizer.

5. Halloween Monster Popcorn

Your guests won’t know what to think when they reach into a bowl of popcorn and discover their food is staring back at them. This idea by Salty Canary uses eyeball sprinkles, eyeball gummies and colored candy melts to turn buttery popcorn into a sweet and savory distraction.

6. Cheddar Witches’ Fingers

Kids won’t mind reaching for these cheesy bites as they celebrate the spookiest day of the year. With ingredients like extra sharp cheddar, sliced almonds and cornmeal, this recipe by Cook Like a Champion is sure to satisfy the taste buds of your pickiest eater.

7. Silly Apple Bites

Take a moment to make some homemade googly eyes before grabbing apples, strawberries and the rest of the ingredients necessary to whip up these delectable Halloween treats by Forks and Beans.

8. Bleeding Heart Brie

This salty and sweet appetizer by Taste of Home may make your guests reconsider their love of cheese. Although the recipe requires crescent rolls to create an appealing golden brown exterior, panic may ensue once someone slices into this heart and discovers the bloody surprise buried beneath the crust.

9. Scary Cerebrum

Shrimp cocktail will never be the same after creating this brainy appetizer. This Better Homes & Gardens recipe needs to be made at least 24 hours in advance, but with ingredients like roasted red sweet peppers, honey and lemon juice, you won’t be disappointed when you take a bite out of this cortex.

10. Halloween Zombie Meatloaf

Your guests won’t hesitate to compliment you once they pick apart this terrifying dish. Allrecipes offers detailed instructions and tips to help you recreate this disturbing appetizer filled with ground beef, onions and buttery round crackers.

Halloween pumpkins
Celebrate Halloween by making spooky foods. An installation of 3,000 candle-lit pumpkins blanket the canal side steps at Granary Square on Oct. 31, 2014 in London, England. Rob Stothard/Getty Images