Lady Gaga's favorite holiday is probably Halloween.

How could it not be? The global superstar's crazy outfits are nothing short of Halloween costume gold.

She is constantly revolutionizing her style. One day she has black and white hair and the next day it is blue. One day she dresses like Queen Elizabeth and the next day she is an S&M leather-clad vamp.

No one can ever predict what is going to come next from her. Gaga is always one step ahead.

She is a true shape-shifter.

In an interview with Elton John for V magazine, a publication Gaga moonlights as a columnist for, Gaga revealed her fashion inspiration.

I'm mostly inspired by shapes, and using the body to create iconography. Leather culture and high-street punk fashion. I would say perfecto jackets occupy most of my fashion thoughts, she told John.

In her own writing for the magazine, Gaga explains in more detail her intricate knowledge of fashion and history.

I myself can look at almost any hemline, silhouette, beadwork, or heel architecture and tell you very precisely who designed it first, what French painter they stole it from, how many designers reinvented it after them, and what cultural and musical movement parented the birth, death, and resurrection of that particular trend, she says.

A single Gaga-muse is hard to pin down. The singer takes small pieces from various entities to make one wholly complete creature of her own making.

Her outfits are as famous as her vocal chords. So why not pay homage this Halloween to the icon who said to the world show me your teeth?