Dog dressed up for Halloween
Pets can dress up in Halloween costumes, too. Philippe Huguen/AFP/Getty Images

Halloween isn’t just for humans. Your pets can partake in the fun, too, by dressing up as a cute pumpkin, a spooky skeleton or a royal princess for the ghoulish holiday on Oct. 31. Better yet, get a costume for your dog or cat to match yours. Below are ten fun costume ideas for pets and their owners on Halloween. Happy trick or treating!

1. Pet owners can dress up as Gru from “Despicable Me” and put their dog or cat (or both) in this adorable minion costume that comes with a blue jumpsuit, a yellow headpiece and goggles. If you have multiple pets, dress them all up to make a minion army.

2. Is your dog not the best-behaved? Dress him or her up to match the ‘tude with this one-piece devil costume complete with wings, faux leather horns and a tail.

3. Your cat will look spooktacular in this red and black ‘Count Catula’ costume.

4. In honor of Cecil the Lion, dress up your pet in this lion hoodie costume featuring a hood that mimics a lion’s mane, a tail and an opening for a leash. Or put your cat in this fake lion mane wig that’ll make him or her roar!

5. Take your pooch trick or treating in this cute bumble bee costume, which features gold glitter accents and a comfortable harness.

6. If you’re a fan of the TV show "Orange is the New Black," you’ll love this costume idea. Dress up in a prisoner costume and put your pup on patrol in this police dog costume, which comes with a blue police officer jacket, a hat headpiece, tiny handcuffs, a walkie talkie and a badge to complete this deputy dog look.

7. Get your kitty into the spirit of Halloween by dressing them up as a jack-o-lantern. This pumpkin cat costume is soft and lightweight and comes with a matching hat.

8. Dress up as a Ketchup bottle or your favorite condiment and put your pup in this one-piece hot dog costume for a delicious duo.

9. If you’re going as a mermaid or a pirate this year, dress up your cat in this purple octopus costume to match.

10. Do you treat your dog like a princess? Then dress her up as such in this princess dog costume, which comes with a pink tulle layered dress and attached lace petticoat, a faux corset top and a crown headpiece.