Halloween is almost here, and that means it’s time to coordinate with your significant other. If you’re having trouble agreeing on Halloween costumes, try looking to your favorite TV shows for some inspiration. Below are several famous couples that could make you the best-dressed couple at the costume party.

1. “Game Of Thrones” -- Jon Snow And Ygritte

They’re both dead (maybe), but Jon (Kit Harington) and Yrgitte (Rose Leslie) are still one of the most recognizable couples from “Game of Thrones.” For Jon’s outfit, all black clothing is key. Top off the outfit with a black cloak with black fur on the shoulders. Add a sword and a black curly wig, and you’ll be ready to defend the Wall from White Walkers. For Ygritte, her red hair is what makes her recognizable, so a wig is a must. Add a brown coat with a bow and arrow, and you’ll be ready to tell Jon Snow that he knows nothing.

2. “Empire” -- Lucious and Cookie Lyon

A nice suit is the key piece for a Lucious (Terrence Howard) Halloween costume, but don’t add some boring black tie. The hip-hop mogul loves to mix it up with fancy ascots or patterned scarves. Definitely add a matching pocket square. Cookie (Taraji P. Henson) wears lots of bold outfits, but her animal prints might be the most memorable. A short animal print dress with some bright lipstick and a pair of heels will make you look like you’re ready to take over the label.

3. “Orphan Black” -- Cosima and Delphine

There are plenty of couples on “Orphan Black,” but Cosima (Tatiana Maslany) and Delphine (Evelyne Brochu) are definitely the most dramatic. Cosima keeps it pretty casual with her clothing, but she sticks to dark colors and usually has her lab coat on. You will need her trademark dreadlocks and glasses, in addition to plenty of eyeliner, to pull off the look. Delphine doesn’t have a strict dress code either, but the French scientist tends to keep her outfits very sleek and professional. Try a fitted blazer over a blouse and dark pants. A lab coat with a DYAD logo is also an option for her character.

4. “Doctor Who” -- The Doctor And Clara

The Doctor (Peter Capaldi) has been pretty rock 'n' roll this season, so his outfit isn’t hard to put together. A pair of straight leg trousers in a dark color with a black t-shirt and a long peacoat will do the trick. Be sure to add some Doc Martens and a pair of black Wayfarer sunglasses. For Clara (Jenna Coleman), the schoolteacher tends to always have a dress that cinches at the waist with dark tights underneath. Add a sweater or a leather jacket on top, and you’ll be ready to travel time and space…or to a Halloween party.

Arrow couples costume Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) and Oliver (Stephen Amell) from "Arrow" could be a fun couples Halloween costume. Photo: CW

5. “Arrow” -- The Green Arrow and Felicity

This couples’ Halloween costume will make you ready to save Star City. Oliver (Stephen Amell) wears a lot of green leather. If you’re not in the mood to rock the leather outfit, a green hoodie can work as a throwback to his early days as the Hood. Be sure to grab a mask along with a bow and arrow. For Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards), a blonde wig with the hair pulled into a pony tail is important. Pair it with a stylish, bright dress and a pair of glasses.

6. “How To Get Away With Murder” -- Connor and Oliver

These characters don’t have particularly recognizable outfits, so it’s the accessories that are important for this couples’ costume. For Oliver (Conrad Ricamora), the tech wiz will need glasses and either a laptop or tablet. For Connor (Jack Falahee), you'll need a trophy like the one in Annalise’s (Viola Davis) class. Tracking down an exact replica might be hard, but if you attach a little made-at-home scale to any trophy from a thrift store, it’ll be close enough that people can recognize it. Bonus points if you splatter the trophy with fake blood.

7. “Grey’s Anatomy” -- Any Couple

Buy scrubs. Make a name tag. Done. You’re probably not going to win any best costume awards, but at least you’ll be comfortable on Halloween.