Children dressed in costumes eat pizza at the Flint family's annual Halloween block party in Silver Spring, Maryland, Oct. 31, 2014. Reuters

Want to know what everyone's wearing this Halloween? Still trying to work out what your own getup will be? Either way, try drawing inspiration from the Internet's most-searched costumes ahead of the big day.

According to iQuanti data, the top Halloween costume is Harley Quinn, the Batman comic book character to be played by Margot Robbie in the upcoming "Suicide Squad." You're probably better off buying this outfit than making it yourself, because it requires a black and red patchwork jumpsuit -- or a dress and tights. Slap on some white face paint and put your hair in pigtails to complete the look.

Comic book characters are chic this year: The second most-searched costume is Wonder Woman, followed by Catwoman and Poison Ivy. Batman himself comes it at No. 6, beating out Spider-Man at No. 8. Those male superheroes can be a little more difficult to DIY, so you may want to plan ahead and purchase a premade costume.

It's much easier to dress up as the fifth most-searched costume, Minnie Mouse, or the seventh, Alice in Wonderland. For Minnie, just don a black top and red polka dot skirt and pair with a mouse-ear headband. If you're already blonde, Alice only requires a light blue dress with a white apron and tights.

iQuanti's top 20 were:

  1. Harley Quinn
  2. Wonder Woman
  3. Catwoman
  4. Poison Ivy
  5. Minnie Mouse
  6. Batman
  7. Alice in Wonderland
  8. Spider-Man
  9. Tinkerbell
  10. Queen of Hearts
  11. Mad Hatter
  12. Cleopatra
  13. Flapper
  14. Little Red Riding Hood
  15. Elf

If you're looking for something more generic, you might want to check out the most-searched list from the online clothes marketplace Polyvore. Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy nabbed spots near the top there, as well, but several standards were in the site's top 15. Its No. 1, unicorn, can be accomplished by wearing all white and attaching a paper "horn" to a headband. In 10th place was vampire, which is equally simple to put together: Get some cheap fangs, fake blood and a black cape, and you're good to go.

Polyvore identified these top 20, according to the "Today Show":

  1. Unicorn
  2. Evil Queen
  3. Harley Quinn
  4. Bad Sandy
  5. Poison Ivy
  6. Addams Family Morticia
  7. Cat
  8. Minion
  9. Harry Potter
  10. Vampire
  11. Maleficent
  12. Frida Kahlo
  13. Cheerleader
  14. Fairy
  15. Nun