The manager of Jinhua Partytime Latex Art and Crafts Factory wears a mask of U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton as he poses and gestures a victory sign while showing products to reporters at his factory's showroom in Jinhua, Zhejiang Province, China, May 25. Here are 15 potential Halloween masks to wear for the holiday. REUTERS/Aly Song

There are generally two types of adults that enjoy dressing up in costume for Halloween: Those who plan their costumes in advance and enjoy painstakingly crafting a creative costume, and those who consider costume-prep to be arduous, all-consuming and stressful.

For the latter group of participants, a Halloween costume does not have to be a means to an end. And this is where the tried-and-true Halloween mask can be of some benefit. Halloween masks do not require the hair and make up some costumes might otherwise require; some Halloween masks do not even require full-costume.

That said, there are a ton of creepy, funny and culturally relevant Halloween masks available now, some of which are already on sale. Say “goodbye” to Halloween costume anxiety and read on for a complete list of masks to pick up this Halloween – from the politician to the film-inspired character, here are 15 Halloween masks for every preference.

The Political: Still having nightmares from a month’s worth of presidential debates? Turn that fear and dread into your next Halloween costume. Throw on a suit (or pantsuit) and pick up a mask that depicts one of the presidential candidates like Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton or even Bill Clinton or Ted Cruz.

The Absurd: From the whimsical to the downright absurd, try a mask like this Big-Eyed Cat Mask, this Unicorn Head (it even comes with hooves) or this Banana Man Mask for your next costume party. Masks like these are so strange, they might not even require a full costume.

The Classic Monsters: Monsters and murder masks resembling the Krampus, the 'Scream' villain or a Werewolf are the best option for a fast and simple Halloween costume. Throw in a plastic knife and some fake blood, and this costume is complete.

The Culturally Relevant: Nothings says “of-the-moment” like selecting a mask that pays homage to a character or event that took place in 2016. Creepy clown mask? Check. Poop Emoji mask? Definitely. El Chapo? Spot-on.

The Television Character: These masks might require extra props and a specific costume, but everyone will know who you are. Try Pepper from "American Horror Story" or the Red Devil from "Scream Queens."