Things really heated up in the Season 1 finale of AMC's "Halt and Catch Fire" on Sunday night. In what may turn out to be the last episode of the series, the Giant has sold enough units to be considered a success -- but nobody seemed to be all that happy about it. Joe, especially, seems to sense that this computer is not the landmark innovation they set out to create, leading to a fiery end to the freshman season.

One of the bright spots of "1984," the finale episode, is that Gordon and Donna seem to be, once again, repairing their relationship. After Donna's near infidelity and Gordon's escalating erratic behavior, it seemed Gordon had been sleeping on the couch. In Sunday night's episode, the two appeared to reconcile as Gordon gives Donna the decoder engagement ring and Donna invites Gordon back into the bedroom.

However, not everything goes well for the couple. Gordon has bought a Porsche (Joe and Gordon made a nice profit off the sales of the Giant), but Gordon and Donna are carjacked after a release party for the Giant. Any success in "Halt and Catch Fire" continues to be fleeting. 

Meanwhile, Cameron has left Cardiff to start her own company, an Internet precursor called “Mutiny,” with Donna and many of the old Cardiff programmers joining her. In the end, Cameron might be the only “Halt” character truly committed to creating something new.

Joe, on the other hand, is wrestling with the consequences of Cardiff’s corporate compromise. After witnessing the “Macintosh,” Joe knows the Giant is not the machine he set out to build. After failing to convince Gordon to delay release until the programmers can build a more innovative software for the computer, Joe drives a truck full of the first shipment of Giants out into the middle of nowhere and burns it.

The episode ends with Joe hiking in Colorado seeking out an unknown woman (his mother?). Joe and the rest of the crew of Cardiff end the season exactly how they began it, searching for something more.

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