"Hannibal" returns for Season 3 in 2015. NBC

“Hannibal” fans have had to be very patient as they wait to see what happens in Season 3. Season 2 ended in May in dramatic fashion, with enough murder and mayhem in the finale for a whole season. However, new episodes will not premiere until 2015.

When the show left off, Hannibal had fled the country with Bedelia, leaving Will behind with a knife in his gut and Abigail dead. With San Diego Comic-Con in July, fans have been given a little sneak peak into what’s in store for Season 3. Here are 7 things viewers need to know before the new episodes air next year:

There Will Be A Time Jump

“Hannibal” Season 3 will pick up one year after the shocking Season 2 finale, skipping over much of the immediate aftermath of Hannibal’s destruction. Will will be fully healed and on Hannibal’s trail, but where will the title character be?

Hannibal Has Started A New Life

It turns out Florence was Hannibal’s vacation destination. He has started a brand new life there with Bedelia under fake identities. Executive producer Bryan Fuller says the first episode for Hannibal will almost feel like a pilot.

The Season Will Be Divided Into Two Halves

Fuller also says the show’s new season will be divided into two chapters. The first will deal with Will’s pursuit of Hannibal while the second will begin the show’s adaptation of the Thomas Harris novel “Red Dragon” which means…

Hannibal Will Go To Prison

Hannibal is going down. He may start the season in a fantasy, fake life in Florence, but if the show will stay true to the novel (and in this way Fuller says it will), the season will end with Hannibal getting locked up. However, it might not be Will who puts him there.

Chilton Will Be Very Important

Another important plot point from the “Red Dragon” novel is that Chilton is a major part of Hannibal’s capture. The character will be back in action in the show’s third season and actor Raul Esparza says, “I know that I’m instrumental in catching Hannibal.”

Francis Dolarhyde Will Play A Part

Another reveal from the “Red Dragon” centered third season is the addition of the book’s other serial killer, Francis Dolarhyde. Dollarhyde is the main antagonist in the "Red Dragon" novel and is known for biting his victims. He was played by Ralph Fiennes in the "Red Dragon" film adaptation in 2002. The show will spend a lot of time with the character and much of the new season will be from Dolarhyde’s point of view.

Eddie Izzard Will Return

Bryan Fuller revealed at Comic-Con that Eddie Izzard would return in a flashback cameo role in the new season playing Dr. Abel Gideon. Fans will remember that Hannibal killed Gideon in Season 2 and framed Chilton for the murder.

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