Harry Potter actress Afshan Azad failed to appear before a court to give evidence on a domestic violence case against her father and brother. The 22-year old Azad plays one of the Patil twins Padma in the franchise.

Azad was threatened to be beaten and killed after she was caught on the phone with her boyfriend who is a Hindu.

That apparently is disapproved of by her family, who are Muslims, said the barrister.
Specifically she speaks not only of assault but of threats to kill made jointly by her father and brother.

In her complaint, Azad said her brother assaulted her and called her a prostitute. Their father even instructed her brother to just kill her after he was awoken to the commotion and let the assault continue.

After going to the police, Azad attempted to dissuade authorities to take action against her family which she said would otherwise put her in genuine danger.

The Harry Potter actress subsequently retracted her statement and said she misunderstood him. It was clear to authorities that she does not wish to give evidence.