Miriam Margoyles, who portrayed Professor Pomona Sprout in the beloved "Harry Potter" movies, unknowingly rented her private cottage to a gang who used the residence for drug trafficking.

According to The Sun, the secluded property near Dover, England, which sits atop a hill, was accessed via helicopter. Dutch pilots are said to have flown an estimated over 1100 pounds (500 kilograms) of drugs, including cocaine and heroin, to the residence before relocating them to the North East and Scotland. However, Liverpool Crown Court stated that only the criminals themselves know the precise amount that was moved through the properties.

The home was allegedly one of several that were used for the purpose of moving millions of dollars of Class A of drugs, according to the Mirror. The Merseyside gang then sold the wholesale quantities to an organized crime group.

Margoyles has owned the home for more than 40 years and has been known to rent it out to people on vacation. Originally, it was built in 1910 and used during World War II.

Upon jailing them, Judge Sophie McKone stated that Lance Kennedy, who was the leader of the gang, made the arrangements for the product to be moved via helicopter "for supply to customer bases throughout the U.K. but particularly the North East and Scotland." In addition to helicopters, the gang members also used vehicles outfitted with secret compartments to conceal the drugs.

The 12 men involved have since receieved sentences that total more than 100 years. Kennedy, for his part, received 18 years and four months after admitting to conspiracy to supply drugs.

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A general view of 'Hogwarts Castle' at the Harry Potter Studio Tour at Warner Brothers Leavesden Studios in London, March 23, 2012. Getty Images/Dan Kitwood