Hart of Dixie
Zoe (Rachel Bilson) and Wade (Wilson Bethel) will become parents in the Season 4 finale of "Hart of Dixie." CW

Ready to say goodbye to Bluebell? Maybe not, but “Hart of Dixie” is coming to a close on Friday – possibly for good. Although episode 10 is being hailed as the Season 4 finale, it’s also looking like it could be the series finale because the CW has not made an announcement about a renewal.

Don’t cry just yet, though. While the fate of the show is unclear, series creator Leila Gerstein promised fans earlier this month that they are “prepared” for the final ride. What can viewers expect? A baby, a wedding … and snakes?!

According to the Season 4 finale synopsis, Zoe (Rachel Bilson) and Wade (Wilson Bethel) will continue to “try to work on their issues.” Zoe will ultimately make a “life-changing decision,” and Wade will “do everything he can to make it happen before their baby is born.” Meanwhile, Lavon (Cress Williams) will try to make things right with Lemon (Jaime King) after misleading her, and George (Scott Porter) will find himself in a frustrating position with AnnaBeth (Kaitlyn Black).

The promo for episode 10 previews a big bash in Bluebell as Lemon and Lavon say “I do,” but the big event will be when Zoe’s water breaks! Before that, fans of “The O.C.” will be treated to a little reunion when actress Autumn Reeser guest-stars as the new town lawyer, Olivia, and it’s safe to say she’s not happy about her new arrangements.

While she agreed to live in Alabama for the year, she had no idea that she was getting into fried food and “big snakes.” When Zoe asks her if she’s okay, Olivia has a bit of a meltdown.

“Do I look okay?” she demands. “No, you couldn’t possibly get it. I am a New Yorker. I’m used to public transportation, and superb restaurants …”

Zoe cuts Olivia off to reveal that she too is a New Yorker. “So you live here by choice?” Olivia asks, shocked.

The “Hart of Dixie” Season 4 finale will air on the CW on Friday, March 27, at 8 p.m. EDT.