Film producer Harvey Weinstein was found guilty Monday of third-degree rape and first-degree criminal sexual acts by a New York jury. The long road to these convictions began in October 2017, when numerous allegations of assault and misconduct were leveled against Weinstein in a New York Times article. His fall is largely viewed as kicking off the #MeToo era.

The jury, consisting of seven men and five women, reached their verdict after five days of deliberation. Weinstein, 67, was found guilty of third-degree rape former actress Jessica Mann, 34, and first-degree criminal sexual act against former assistant Mimi Haley, 42.

He now faces jail time in a New York state prison. New York State Supreme Court Justice James Burke ordered Weinstein to jailed until his March 11 sentencing. Weinstein faces between five and 25 years in prison for the sex acts conviction and up to four years for rape.

Weinstein was, however, also acquitted on two charges of predatory sexual assault and on charges of first-degree rape against Mann. Had he been convicted on these counts, he would have faced a life sentence.

Mann had accused Weinstein of performing oral sex on her against her will in 2006. Haley, meanwhile, accused the mogul of assaulting her in a Manhattan hotel room in 2013. The testimony of these two women were the primary focus of the trial. Both said that Weinstein offered to help further their careers in exchange for sexual favors.

Weinstein pleaded not guilty to all charges. His defense attempted to portray his accusers as consenting participants in the alleged acts.

“No matter how powerful a person is, no matter how much mud or dirt may be flung at those who have the courage to come forward, we are in a new time,” Michelle Simpson Tuegel, the attorney representing the accusers, said. “The #MeToo era has thankfully started to unmask these systems of abuse of power, and now women can be heard and believed.”

Weinstein is also facing sex crime charges in Los Angeles for which he has yet to submit a plea. These charges stem from rape and assault accusations that allegedly occurred across to consecutive days in 2013. He faces up to 28 years in prison.

Harvey Weinstein arrives at Manhattan Criminal Court in New York on February 14, 2020
Harvey Weinstein arrives at Manhattan Criminal Court in New York on February 14, 2020 AFP / Johannes EISELE