• Hayden Panittiere's boyfriend Brian Hickerson has been taken into custody for allegedly punching the actress 
  • The police noted that the actress' face was completey red and swollen
  • This is the second time Brian Hickerson has been arrested for hitting Panettiere

Hayden Panettiere’s boyfriend Brian Hickerson has been arrested once again for allegedly punching her at their residence in Jackson.

In the documents obtained by TMZ, the 30-year-actress revealed that she and Hickerson were in their bedroom when he started to argue with her. That is when he started to throw her around and reportedly punched her. The incident took place on Feb. 13 and Hickerson was taken into police custody on Valentine’s Day.

The police authorities also issued a statement and told the publication that they received a call from a private residence, where the caller told them about a drunk male who was locked out of the house because he punched his girlfriend in the face.

The authorities saw Hickerson in the driveway and told them that the actress has locked herself inside the house. Meanwhile, Panetierre told the police that Hickerson “beat the f—k” out of her. The police claimed that Hickerson did not answer their questions and remained tight-lipped when they asked him if he punched Panettiere in the face.

The claims of Panettiere being punched seemed to be true as the documents reveal that “Heroes” star’s face completely swollen and read. She also had swelling on her left hand. Among the injuries, the police also noted that she had a scrape on her left hand.

Hickerson has been booked for two charges. Firstly, for domestic abuse and secondly, for allegedly refusing to identify himself when a police officer asked him to reveal his name. According to Fox News, Hickerson has been released on a bond of $5,000.

This is not the first time the actress has been a victim of abuse. Her partner was arrested last year for hitting the actress and leaving red marks on her body. At that time, Hickerson was given an order to stay 100 yards away from the star. However, the case was later dismissed because Panettiere refused to testify against him. The couple appeared to be back together in November when they were spotted at the airport.

The couple started dating each other in 2018, shortly after Panettiere’s separation from fiancé Wladimir Klitschko. She shares a5-year-old daughter named Kaya with Klitschko.

Hayden Panettiere
Hayden Panettiere talks motherhood. Pictured: Panettiere arrives at the 21st Annual Critics' Choice Awards in Santa Monica, California on Jan. 17, 2016. Reuters/Danny Moloshok