A Mammoth Of A New Year Tavern Brawl IBTimes

This week’s Hearthstone Tavern Brawl is called “A Mammoth Of A New Year” and makes the Party Crashers from last week’s Brawl even more annoying. Winning this Brawl nets you a Journey To Un’Goro pack that can be opened when the set goes live in early April. The tavern is getting ready for the Year Of The Mammoth and it’s up to Malfurion and Valeera to make everything look nice.

You play as a Rogue or Druid, with decks filled with Dancing Swords, Healing Waves and all sorts of cards to keep you and your opponent alive. It’s a cooperative Tavern Brawl, where you need to work with the hero on the other side of the board, which can be kind of stressful. My first few allies kept attacking my face, not realizing how the actual game was supposed to be played. If you get a clueless ally, don’t try spamming “Oops” over and over, that just makes them even madder.

Each turn past two, Party Crashers show up, which are 3/5 minions with Taunt that will only attack your opponent’s face. It’s your goal to kill all of them as quickly as possible to make sure both you and your ally don’t die. Your Hero Power, called Decorate, adds a decoration for every mana you spend. Say it’s turn five and you use all five of your mana for your Hero power, you’ll need 20 more decorations to complete this portion of the Brawl.

When you decorate the City of Stormwind 25 times, your Hero Power changes into Pelt and a Piñata Golem appears on the field. For two-mana, you can take a swing at the Golem and deal three damage to it. After a few turns on the board, the Kabal shows up and makes the Golem float. The possessed party decoration deals two damage every turn to your minions, and buffs up your Party Crashers into 5/7s, killing this Golem isn’t easy.

Party Crashers stink IBTimes

When the Piñata Golem takes damage, a “piece of candy” pops out, giving you a powerful card.

Regenerative Cookies- 1-mana: restore four Health to each Hero.

Rock Candy- 3-mana: destroy a random Party Crasher.

Finish the Tavern Brawl by dealing 85 points of damage to the Piñata Golem and killing it, which is a lot easier than it sounds.

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