Masked Ball
The Masked Ball, where nobody is who you think they are. Blizzard

This week’s Tavern Brawl is “The Masked Brawl,” where (nearly) every minion you play has another one hiding inside it. It’s as if Blizzard decided they wanted to make a nesting doll simulator inside their highly successful card game.

Every minion you play from your hand in "The Masked Brawl" summons another one that costs two less. Minions summoned with this ability don’t sprout another offspring with their Deathrattle, so it’s not an infinite loop of Target Dummies and Wisps.

Silences are absolutely great in this Tavern Brawl, especially if you want to make sure your opponent doesn’t stack up a terrifying board. This is the first time I’ve used Ironbeak Owl since I retired my Face Hunter deck after the Knife Juggler nerf. The Brawl is in the Wild format, so you can use any card in your collection. It’s time to revisit some other old faces, like Piloted Shredder, who drops two 2-drop minions.

You can pull off some absolutely disgusting combos in this Brawl if you build your deck right. Baron Rivendare was always a card I believed had a ton of promise but never really took off in any deck. In this Brawl, it doubles the Deathrattles of any other minion you have on your board. Combo him with GVG ’s Piloted Shredder and you get four minions for four mana, that’s some insane value.

Like every Tavern Brawl where Blizzard forces me to build an interesting deck, I throw creativity directly out the window and play Secret Paladin. I’m not using the list I use every time I need to win two games as Paladin for a gold quest; it’s been upgraded with a gown worthy of a fancy event like this.

Here's my Secret Paladin deck list, with a Tavern Brawl twist!

Avenge x2

Noble Sacrifice x2

Redemption x1

Competitive Spirit x1

Secretkeeper x2

Haunted Creeper x2

Shielded Minibot x2

Ironbeak Owl x2

Coghammer x1

Divine Favor x1

Muster For Battle x2

Blessing Of Kings x2

Consecration x1

Baron Rivendare x1

Piloted Shredder x2

Truesilver Champion x1

Sludge Belcher x1

Loatheb x1

Mysterious Challenger x2

Dr. Boom x1

Tirion Fordring x1