Heidi Klum at Project Runway
Heidi Klum at Project Runway Reuters

Following the Duchess of Cambridge’s lead, Heidi Klum is reportedly planning to sue several magazines and websites for posting topless photos of her while she was recently on vacation.

According to TMZ, topless photos of Klum, 39, without her bikini top while she vacationed in the south of France with her boyfriend were published both online and in an unnamed French magazine. Klum said the photos are a breach of her privacy, as she did not know she was being photographed on a secluded beach.

The supermodel is now planning to sue the magazine which published the pictures following Kate Middleton’s example, after the Duchess won an injunction against Closer magazine for running similar topless photos.

The report said the “Project Runway” host was very upset the photos were leaked since she was on a “private and secluded beach.” Klum's lawyers are now looking for the original source of the publication, after it was leaked to various other websites like CelebrityDirtyLaundry and Egotastic since the photos were taken.

Klum was on vacation with her boyfriend, bodyguard Martin Kirsten, when the photos were allegedly taken. The supermodel separated from her former husband Seal in January, filed for divorce in April and announced earlier this month that she is dating Kirsten.

As for Middleton, the French magazine Closer was prohibited from publishing any more topless photos of the Duchess in both print and online earlier this week. Continuance of publishing can result in a fine of $13,000 for each day or $130,000 if the magazine sells the images.