“Hell on Wheels” Season 5 is inching closer to damnation, but will leading man Cullen Bohannon (Anson Mount) ever find redemption? A new poster and trailer for “Hell on Wheels” provides little comfort with the Season 5 tagline, “All roads lead to Hell.”

In the new trailer made available by TV Line, “Hell on Wheels” fans can watch Cullen Bohannon consider changing loyalties to the railroad bosses behind competing companies, the Central Pacific and the Union Pacific. The trailer shows Bohannon is still haunted by the loss of his family. But he will need his wits on the job to handle the new wave of workers the company has hired for him: migrant workers from China who do not speak English.

The Season 5 poster features Bohannon alone, front and center, in between two converging railroad tracks. Dusty and desolate mountains fill up the right side of the photo; it’s the terrain already conquered for the train. To the photo’s left, are the migrant Chinese workers hired by the train company, namely the Central Pacific Railroad. In the plot synopsis for Season 5, it is revealed that Cullen will have to bridge the language and culture gap between his workers if he is to succeed in laying down tracks through the Sierra Nevada mountains.

The 2011 show has been chugging along with AMC stalwarts “Breaking Bad,” “Mad Men” and newcomer “Halt and Catch Fire.” When Season 5 premieres in July, it will be the final run for “Hell on Wheels.” TV Line reports that the series will finish with a 14 episode arc, split with a mid-season break. The show will conclude in Summer 2016.

“Hell on Wheels” returns to AMC on Saturday, July 18, at 9 p.m. EDT. Watch the Season 5 trailer below.