Rumors recently suggested that the highly anticipated “No Man’s Sky” would surprise everyone by having a stealth release Tuesday. This is a game many have wanted to play since it was first announced, due to the amount of exploration that could be had. However, developer Hello Games denied the claims for a stealth release.

The official Hello Games Twitter confirmed this, as it stated that the game would not be coming out on the rumored release date, after a fan tweeted a question regarding it. Currently, “No Man’s Sky” has no official release date, and it seems more likely that the game will be coming out sometime in 2016.

According to GameSpot, many felt the game would be stealth released due to the upcoming Sony event in Paris. A number of people felt that Hello Games would announce the game’s sudden release on the event itself, similar to the time Beyonce stealth released her most recent music album.

While the game won’t be coming out anytime soon, the fact that many gamers were hoping that the rumor would be true shows how much of an impact it’s made so far. Most recently, the game appeared on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” and the former “Daily Show” member was in awe of the game.

What interests many gamers about “No Man’s Sky” are the seemingly endless gameplay that has been shown. Unlike most games that come out, it doesn’t look like the game can be finished, though that’s only judging from the images and videos seen of the game.

Exploring different planets gives “No Man’s Sky” a vibe very similar to “Star Trek,” as the original television series had plenty of exploration in space and a ton of different worlds explored. While it’s doubtful that “No Man’s Sky” will have a similar narrative, it can’t be denied how similar both premises are.

“No Man’s Sky” will be coming out on the PlayStation 4 and PC, though no date has been revealed. Now that the Oct. 27 rumor has officially been canned, fans are just going to have to wait for an announcement from the developers.

No Man's Sky: 18 Minute Gameplay Demo - IGN First (Credit: YouTube/IGN)