The New York Fire Department and a good Samaritan rescued a dog that was reportedly thrown off of a bridge into the Harlem River on Tuesday.

The good Samaritan was holding onto the distressed dog in the water until Marine 4 from the fire department showed up to pull the dog out of the water.

“Upon arrival, Marine 4 led by Lieutenant Sodano, saw a civilian clinging to the dog from shore attempting to keep it afloat. Members from Marine 4 were able to bring the dog on board the vessel and take him to shore, where he could receive the necessary care,” the FDNY said in an Instagram post.

“Without the quick response from both the civilian and FDNY members, the outcome for this animal could have been very different,” the post read.

FDNY noted that the dog was struggling to stay afloat while flailing in the water from stress from the fall. The dog was given care and treatment for injuries following its rescue and was doing well as of yesterday.

It is unclear who and why the dog was thrown off the bridge.

The dog appears to be a pit bull mix. There have been no updates about the dog's current condition, or updates about a new home have not been released.