• Henry Cavill says he had to dehydrate himself to perform the shirtless scenes in "The Witcher"
  • He would reduce the intake of water to curb the water weight
  • Cavill would not drink water the day before and on the day of shooting the nude scenes

Henry Cavill did everything to make sure that his shirtless scenes in the new Netflix series “The Witcher” were top-notch. In a recent interview, Cavill revealed how he managed to look in shape and muscular while filming nudity for the show.

When he made an appearance on “The Graham Norton Show,” the 36-year-old actor explained all things he did to maintain his body weight and muscles because he had to look amazingly ripped for all the shirtless scenes.

When asked about his training, the “Man Of Steel” star noted that he restricted a considerable amount of water intake to reduce his water weight to pull off his onscreen nudity. The grueling method also helped him in highlighting his amazing physique.

“That is the worst part of it. Like, diet is difficult, and you are hungry, but when you are dehydrating for three days, you get to the point on the last day where you can smell water nearby,” Cavill said.

The “Mission Impossible: Fallout” star also explained that he disallowed himself from drinking water the day before and on the day of filming the nude scenes. But he admitted that taking such extreme measures can take a toll on the body and might make him feel like the “most miserable person on the planet.”

His comments come almost a month after he confessed that it was a tough journey to have the right physique for his movie “Immortals.”

The esteemed actor revealed that it was the first time he was working on such a big Hollywood project and he had to have his shirt off most of the time. The process of getting the right body became “emotionally taxing” for the actor because of all the pressure in making it big in the field of acting.

“The Witcher,” set in an unnamed continent, follows the exploits of Geralt as one of the world’s Witchers — bounty hunters who specialize in monster hunting. Throughout his journey, Geralt finds himself also sucked into conflicts between kingdoms and mysterious forces that threaten him and the people he cares for.

The series has received mixed reviews from the critics but the viewers are loving it. It currently has a score of 8.8 out of 10 on IMDb.

“The Witcher” is now streaming live on Netflix.

The Witcher Butcher Of Blaviken
"The Witcher" will portray the events that led Henry Cavill's Geralt to be named The Butcher of Blaviken. Netflix/Katalina Vermes