• The video was shared on Facebook on April 22
  • Many Italians were irked by the blatant insult of their favorite dish
  • American YouTuber Jarvis Johnson's retweeted video has now been disabled

Internet is flooded with hacks, life-changing kitchen tricks and quick fixes, some of which are helpful while some are useless. But a pasta-making hack that surfaced on the internet was probably something no one wanted.

The popularity of pasta -- the oh-so-tasty Italian delicacy has streamed out of the nation and earned scores of devoted fans all over the world. Coupled with a glass of wine, pasta pretty much makes every dinner worth remembering.

But, a woman who introduced a bizarre hack of making pasta has rubbed the internet users the wrong way. A Facebook user named Lisa, who shared the video showing the "Ultimate Spaghetti Trick" went viral for all the wrong reasons, drawing angered reactions from unimpressed people.

In the video, Lisa can be seen clumsily sloshing some Prego tomato sauce over her kitchen countertop followed by spreading some parmesan cheese powder, placing some odd 78-80 meatballs and spaghetti next to it. She was then seen dressing the base with lettuce, some packaged dressing, and a layer of sliced breadsticks, which was cold and raw.

"I'm Italian and real Italians - this is how you make spaghetti," Lisa was heard saying in the video. As if it wasn’t enough, the woman made a ghastly remark about the recipe, calling it the "easiest way to make spaghetti for a crowd" which can be licked straight from the counter.

American YouTuber Jarvis Johnson retweeted the video with a caption that had sarcastic undertones. "What a normal and ultimate spaghetti hack!" Johnson's caption read in the now-disabled video following a report by the copyright owner.

Many Italians, who were irked by the blatant insult of their favorite dish, left angry comments after watching the video.

"That for me as [an Italian] is very offensive also they should know we never [have] spaghetti with meatballs, that is American not Italian," one user wrote.

"Family-style? I wouldn't serve it this way to my dog!" said another.

"I've never seen an Italian make dinner in this manner nor do they use cold sauce from a jar," tweeted another user.

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