Heroes Reborn Finale
Tommy (Robbie Kay, left) and Malina (Danika Yarosh, right) join forces to save the world in the series finale of NBC's "Heroes Reborn." NBC

The Human Extinction Level Event (H.E.L.E) has arrived and it was up to Tommy (Robbie Kay) and Malina (Danika Yarosh) to stop the end of the world from happening on the series finale of "Heroes Reborn." The two siblings had some help from a few other heroes, who would go on to give their lives to save the world. Here are the top 11 moments from episode 13, titled "Project Reborn."

1. Project Reborn

Erica (Rya Kihlstedt) launches Project Reborn, which uses Tommy’s ability to transport the people she has chosen to the Gateway facility in the future, which is 7,957 years after the H.E.L.E. Tommy is still trapped in the Evernow video game, but Erica found a way to use his powers through the game to get to the future.

2. Luke Sacrifices Himself

When the first solar flare is about to hit, Luke (Zachary Levi) has Malina hide with Quentin (Henry Zebrowski) in a secure building. Luke then starts to absorb the power of the sun and his body starts to get pulled up towards the sky where the flare is. His skins starts to glow brighter and brighter until Luke explodes, but the solar flare disappears with him. Malina and Quentin look up to the sky, but there’s no sign of Luke.

3. Tommy’s Memories

Tommy learns that he can access any memory of his life that he wants in Evernow. He goes back to when he learns the truth about his mother and he sees himself watching Claire (Hayden Panettiere) reveal her power to the world on television. He also sees his memory in France with Emily (Gatlin Green) and time spent with Hiro (Masi Oka).

In another flashback, Angela Petrelli (Cristine Rose) is shown bringing Tommy and Malina together at a young age along with the Haitian (Jimmy Jean-Louis). When they touch hands, a large explosion starts to come from both of them. However, Tommy gets interrupted and doesn’t see the end of the memory.

4. Quentin’s Decision

When Quentin goes to get Malina to the clock tower, they find his sister Phoebe (Aislinn Paul) inside waiting for them. She starts to use her darkness to pull Malina up the staircase and is about to kill Malina. Phoebe swears that Erica is coming back for them, but Quentin tries to tell Phoebe that she was lied to. When Phoebe still won’t let Malina go, Quentin shoots his sister, which frees Malina. Phoebe then falls out of the clock tower and is killed.

5. "Reckless" Ren Takes Down Evernow

After waking up Hachiro Otomo (Hiro Kanagawa) and Miko (Kiki Sukezane) in the future, Ren (Toru Uchikado) learns that it’s his destiny to break Tommy out of the Evernow game. Otomo puts Ren in the video game where he’s reunited with Evernow Miko. The two fight their way through the video game to save the new master of time and space before the video game world falls apart. Ren frees Tommy from Evernow and finds Hiro’s sword in the process.

Luke Heroes Reborn Finale
Luke (Zachary Levi) sacrificed himself to stop the first solar flare from doing damage in the "Heroes Reborn" series finale. NBC

6. Tommy Can Be In Two Places At Once

When Ren and Tommy emerge from the game, they find Erica waiting for them. She says if Tommy goes back in time, he’ll leave behind his mother and girlfriend Emily. However, Tommy taught himself in Evernow that he can be two places at once. He then stops time and separates himself, leaving one in the future while the other goes to meet up with Malina.

7. Noah Bennet The Conduit

When Tommy and Malina first come together their powers don’t work and the second solar flare keeps getting stronger. Tommy goes back to his memory with his grandmother and the Haitian. This time he watches until he gets to the end of the memory, where he learns him and Malina need a person between them to use their power to save the world. Tommy then goes to the past to grab his grandfather, Noah Bennet (Jack Coleman). Noah also sees the memory and he knows the sacrifice he’s going to have to make because the person in the middle of Malina and Tommy dies.

8. The Bennets Save The World

In arguably the saddest moment of the series, Noah, Malina and Tommy all take each other’s hands as the world falls down around them. A blue light starts to shoot out of Noah and into the sky, creating a barrier around the Earth. The barrier prevents the solar flare from destroying mankind, but Noah is killed in the process.

9. Erica's Future

The Tommy in the future keeps time stopped while he gets ready to send everyone back to present. Before he starts up time again, he cuts off Erica's Gateway watch. Tommy then sets time in motion again and Erica sees him on the Gateway bridge when he teleports everyone back to current times. Since Erica isn't wearing her watch, she gets left behind in the future that will soon not exist.

10. A New World

Quentin is being questioned by federal agents about what the evos really want. They’re concerned they had other motives to save the world. Quentin explains that evos are good people and he tells the men “they’re you and me on our best days.” As Quentin talks, Carlos (Ryan Guzman) is shown going back to fighting crime as El Vengador, except this time along with Farah (Nazneen Contractor). Ren gets to know the real life Miko as Otomo teaches them how to sword fight, Tommy goes to work with Emily at the ice cream shop and Malina starts high school where Claire once did.

11. End of Volume

"Heroes Reborn" might have come to an end, but the show ended leaving room for future installments. Tommy and Malina each find a fortune card that has twins on it. When Malina gets picked up from school by Angela, she tells Malina that the card means her father is coming back for her and Tommy. However, this time no one will be able to protect them.