With Noah Bennet (Jack Coleman) nowhere to be found, Tommy (Robbie Kay) and Malina (Danika Yarosh) must find a way to get to Odessa, Texas, to save the world on NBC’s “Heroes Reborn.” In episode 11, titled “Send in the Clones,” Claire Bennet’s children took steps in the right direction, but a new threat will be on her way to stop Malina from ever finding her brother.

The episode begins with Luke (Zachary Levi) and Malina in Missouri. Malina doesn’t understand what happened to her grandfather Noah, but knows she has to keep moving forward and find Tommy then get to Odessa. Luke promises to remain by her side throughout the journey, but they only have two days before the end of the world arrives.

Harris Prime (Clé Bennett), Phoebe (Aislinn Paul), and Quentin (Henry Zebrowski) are trying to intercept Malina on her way to Renauta’s headquarters. Their orders are to kill Malina, which Quentin has a problem with, but he swears he won’t let how he feels get in the way of their orders.

At Sunstone Manor, Carlos (Ryan Guzman), Farah (Nazneen Contractor), the Haitian (Jimmy Jean-Louis) and Taylor (Eve Harlow) are trying to find Micah because he can help them find Malina who can save the world. While looking for Micah (Noah Gray-Cabey) they come across Harris’ clones and quickly shoot their way through them. They then take out the voice control Parkman had set up in the facility and Carlos finds the El Vengador armor he made for himself.

Tommy discovers that Miko (Kiki Sukezane) is Katana Girl and realizes she will play a part in saving the world. Tommy and Miko learn her final mission will take place at Sunstone Manor and he teleports her there. Erica runs into Tommy, who tells Erica the he took Miko because she was going to kill Erica but then she just disappeared. After this, Tommy asks Erica to go back to the present so she can tell him how he will save people and they go back to Odessa. Miko arrives at Sunstone Manor, but she’s slowly dying.

Carlos and Farah find evos and ask for their help in finding Micah and escaping the facility. Carlos finds Father Mauricio (Carlos Lacamara) and Jose (Lucius Hoyos), who leads him to Micah.

While driving to Colorado, Harris, Quentin and Phoebe stop Luke and Malina’s car. Malina recognizes them as Erica’s people and her and Luke get out of the car and run into a corn field. Malina tries to use her power to give them cover, but Phobe’s ability disables her and Luke. Luke tells Malina to go, while he tries to hold them off.

When she goes to escape, Malina turns around to go back Luke, but Phoebe uses her darkness to capture her. Fortunately for her, Luke is nearby and he hits Phoebe from behind, destroys the Harris clone and takes Quentin and Phoebe as their prisoners. Luke and Malina are able to get answers out of Quentin in a barn, and he reveals that Tommy is in the future with Erica. Luke wants to kill Phoebe, but Malina tells him that he has enough regrets and the two will come with them.

Harris Prime and Miko Harris Prime (Clé Bennett) fights Miko (Kiki Sukezane) at Sunstone Manor in "Heroes Reborn" episode 11. Photo: NBC

When Tommy and Erica arrive back in Odessa, Tommy finds Emily (Gatlin Green) and his mother (Krista Bridges). Erica had the two taken to the Gateway Community Center in Odessa where they’d be safe. Erica takes Tommy away after this and says she plans to show him how to save the world.

Erica shows Tommy the machine that will be used to take people to the future. While Tommy sits on the machine, Erica gets a phone call from Harris who tells her that Miko is at Sunstone. She then figures out that Tommy is playing her.

While saving Micah, Carlos has a run with more clones. Father Mauricio saves him but is shot and killed in the process. Micah is being held in a container, which Carlos is able to punch through with his suit. Carlos then unplugs Micah from a machine and saves him.

Outside, Miko and the real Harris Prime square off against one another. After an epic fight where Miko injures Harris, he knocks her down, grabs her from behind and it looks like he’s going to kill her. Miko then sacrifices herself and stabs herself in the chest, which goes through into Harris Prime. She then chops off his head and the rest of his clones die with him. After completing her final mission, she disappears.

Micah tells Farah and Carlos that Erica hid a lot of information through him and that two solar flares were coming that would destroy humanity. Micah then uses his ability to speak to machines to connect to every piece of media in the world and in a video he reveals the truth about everything Erica has done. After this, they escape and head to Odessa.

As Erica watches on, Joanne (Judith Shekoni) is brought in to her. Erica plans to use Joanne’s hatred of evos to her advantage by assigning her to take out both Malina and her husband Luke before they get to Odessa.

Other Major Moments From Episode 11:

  • It was revealed that what turned Matt Parkman (Greg Grunbeg) to the dark side was his family leaving him. Taylor and the Haitian reveal to him that Erica is just using him, which leads to him to use his power of mind control against them. He then takes Taylor hostage to use as leverage to make sure Erica takes him to the future to avoid the apocalypse.
  • Taylor is pregnant with a child and that’s why she’s so upset that Erica, her mother, took him away from her.