Heroes Reborn Episode 12
Malina (Danika Yarosh) tries to stop Joanne (Judith Shekoni, not pictured) in Odessa on "Heroes Reborn" episode 12. NBC

Millions of people around the world are trying to find shelter and prepare for the first level of the Human Extinction Level Event (H.E.L.E) on NBC's "Heroes Reborn." The fate of humanity lies in the hands of heroes Tommy (Robbie Kay) and Malina (Dainka Yarosh), but a major obstacle stands in their way in episode 12, titled "Company Woman."

Tommy prepares to save as many people as he can and chooses to help Erica (Rya Kihlstedt) despite the fact that she’s been revealed by Micah (Noah Gray-Cabey). He attaches himself to the gateway bridge and starts to send people to Gateway in the future. Erica wants Richard (Michael Therriault) to keep an eye on Tommy and Hachiro, who she brought him back to fix Evernow.

Luke (Zachary Levi), Malina, Quentin (Henry Zebrowski) and Phoebe (Aislinn Paul) reach a checkpoint where people are looking for Malina. They hear on the radio that evacuees are being taken to Union Wells High School, which happens to be Claire Bennet’s (Hayden Panettiere) old school.

Instead of trying to find Tommy, Luke gets the idea to try and make the news to draw Tommy to them. First Luke plans on taking Quentin and Phoebe into the woods to kill them, but as they walk into the trees Phoebe starts to run. Phoebe is able to get away, but Quentin realizes how wrong his sister is and he decides to join Luke and Malina.

Parkman (Greg Grunberg) shows up at Renautas with Taylor Kravid (Eve Harlow). He reveals to Erica that Taylor is pregnant and threatens to kill her in front of Erica. Erica caves and gives Parkman three Gateway watches so his family can go to the future away from the solar flares and he releases Taylor.

Erica is aware that Taylor is pregnant with an evo’s child and Taylor loves that her mother isn’t happy about it. The pregnancy makes Erica flashback to when Taylor was born. When she was younger, Erica was raped by an evo, who was a doctor taking care of her sick father. Erica then became pregnant, but chose to keep the baby.

Meanwhile, Tommy discovers Erica only plans on saving 12,000 people instead of as many people as possible. This makes him angry and he teleports away to find his mother, Anne Clark (Krista Bridges).

Erica learns Tommy left the facility and she plans to take his mother prisoner. Taylor gets made her mother is about to walk out on her and she shatters a table in anger without touching it, harnessing the power of her baby. Taylor then demands Erica take her to see her boyfriend, who’s the father of her baby.

Tommy stops Erica’s men take his mother away and he takes her to the future to show her he can’t stop the end of the world from happening. His mother reminds him what he’s capable of and that there are many different futures that can happen. When the time comes she says he’ll know what the right thing to do is.

Erica Heroes Reborn
The root of Erica's (Rya Kihlstedt) hate for evos was revealed in "Heroes Reborn" episode 12. NBC

In another flashback to when Taylor was a baby, Erica calls Taylor’s estranged father to save Taylor from an illness. When he does he tells Erica he’s going to take the child, but then she kills the father with a pair of scissors, refusing to give up her baby. Back in the present, Taylor learns her boyfriend is dead, while Erica tries to convince her everything she’s doing is for her. Erica asks Taylor to go to the future with her, but Taylor says she’d rather die.

At Union Wells High School, Malina sees a picture of her mother in a trophy case. Luke, Malina and Quentin then head into the gym and Malina starts to show off her abilities in front of a news crew.

Farah (Nazneen Contractor), Micah and Carlos (Ryan Guzman) see Malina on the news trying to get a message to her brother while at a gas station. Micah has the broadcast play across all types of media and so Tommy can get the message. In Odessa, Tommy sees the video and heads to the high school.

Joanne (Judith Shekoni) and Tommy arrive at the high school at the same time. While walking through the gym Tommy, Otomo shows up, grabs Tommy and traps him inside a phone. Joanne tries to shoot and kill Malina and Luke launches fire out of his hands burning his wife to ashes. While it looked like Malina was shot, Farah was able to jump in front of the bullet for her. Carlos picks up Farah to take her to the hospital, while Luke gets Malina out of the gym.

The final flashback of the episode shows a young Casper Abraham, who shows up at Erica’s to take care of the doctor. He tells Erica he can make her forget about killing the man, but she says she wants to remember and instead has a young Taylor’s mind erased instead. Erica’s experience explains why she hates evos as much as she does.

To avoid Tommy from turning on her and ruining her plan, Erica has him locked inside the Evernow video game. A game that not even Tommy can teleport himself out of.

Other Major Moments From Episode 12:

While waiting to get their Gateway watches to the future, Emily (Gatlin Green) meets Ren (Toru Uchikado). Ren tells her he’s looking for the master of time and space, who she happens to be dating. The two make their way to the core of Renautas searching for Tommy, where they watch Otomo get tranquilized and learn where Tommy is being kept.

Parkman gets into an accident while driving and calling his wife. The car rolls into a river and the three watches flow away downstream, as Parkman is trapped in the car with no one to help him.