A high school student in Michigan was hospitalized with a severe injury after being slashed by a classmate during a game inspired by ISIS beheadings.

A Lincoln Township Police report said that two football players from the Lakeshore High School in Stevensville participated in what they dubbed the "ISIS game" in the school’s locker room after practice on October 11, ABC-affiliate WBND reported Monday.

"Where an individual comes up behind [someone], puts that individual in a headlock and yells at him stating ‘do you have family, do you have loved ones?’" the report read. "And then makes a motion across their neck in a cutting motion pretending to cut the individual’s head off."

Authorities said that one student, who wielded a knife in one hand, performed a headlock on another student while yelling at him. 

The student in the headlock cut his left hand with the knife as he attempted to free himself, the report said. That’s when the two stopped the game and reported the incident to their coach.

School officials then rushed the boy to the hospital where he underwent six hours of hand surgery to repair a severed nerve.

According to the report, police interviewed everyone involved and determined there was "no intent" involved and that the incident isn’t criminal, but just a "reckless action."

The student who possessed the knife, which was an X-acto knife, claimed he discovered it in the school parking lot almost a week before the incident.

The student stowed the knife in his locker and then opted to use it in the game last Wednesday. Police said that the two students had been friends and had played the "ISIS game" before without weapons.

The victim’s family said Monday that the hand surgery went well and are now waiting to see if it will fully recover.

The family of the injured student is looking to sue the school district for negligence since the knife remained on its property.

The principal of Lakeshore High School and the district superintendent of the district told WBND Monday they could not comment on the incident since the case is pending.