The trial for the murder of Holly Bobo entered its second day Tuesday, after a dramatic initial day in court that revealed the disturbing alleged details of the crime. Zach Adams, 33, was on trial for the 2011 murder and rape of Bobo.

Bobo, a 20-year-old nursing student at the University of Tennessee at Martin, went missing from her family’s Tennessee home in 2011. Her brother reported seeing her for the last time entering the woods behind the family’s home, urged along by a man dressed in camouflage. Clint Bobo initially assumed the man was Bobo’s boyfriend but called 911 after he found blood outside.

The Tennessee Bureau Investigation launched an extensive search to find Bobo in the wake of her disappearance: the ensuing investigation was the most expensive and far-reaching in the state’s history. Despite its scope, the search yielded trace of Bobo for three years. Her remains were eventually found in the woods near Adams’ home in 2014.

Prosecutors alleged in court Monday that Adams kidnapped Bobo from her home, drugged her, raped her and shot her before dumping her body and boasting of the crime to his friends. After raping Bobo, Adams asked a friend named Jason Autry to help dispose of her body, prosecutors said. Adams had wrapped Bobo in a blanket and put her inside his car, thinking she was dead. Adams realized Bobo was alive when she made a noise, leading him to shoot her in the head, according to the prosecution.

“Jason sees a blanket in the bed of Zach’s truck,” said assistant Shelby County District Attorney Paul Hagerman, according to The Jackson Sun. Adams then told Autry he had abducted Bobo. “[Adams] took her. He raped her. He killed her. He discarded her. He covered it up. He bragged about it. And he almost got away with it.”

“I couldn’t have picked a prettier b----,” Adams allegedly bragged to his friends, according to Hagerman. “It was fun.”

Bobo’s parents appeared in court Monday as well to testify. Her mother, Karen Bobo, collapsed on the stand after being shown her daughter’s purse, according to WSMV-TV.

“Everything was normal [that morning],” said Karen Bobo. “I told her goodbye and I loved her.”

Adams pleaded not guilty to kidnapping, raping and murdering Bobo. His defense attorney argued in opening statements Monday that no forensic evidence linked Adams to the crime.

Should Adams be convicted, he could face the death penalty.