Reality TV star Holly Madison with her newborn daughter, Rainbow Aurora, on E!'s "Holly Has a Baby" TV special E!

Holly Madison is barely recognizable in her new E! special, “Holly Has a Baby.”

The former "Girls Next Door" Playboy model and No. 1 girlfriend to 87-year-old magazine mogul Hugh Hefner appears to have completely changed her image. The recently retired “Peep Show” star now focuses on two new roles: full-time mom and fiancée.

Madison made her first TV debut Sunday night since the 2011 cancellation of her E! reality show “Holly’s World." The one-hour special documented the 33-year-old model’s final two days of her first pregnancy and the March 5 birth of her first born, daughter Rainbow Aurora, with her fiancé, Pasquale Rotella.

The special shows Madison, who is best known for living her life in the fantasy land of California's Holmby Hills Playboy Mansion, doing things unfamiliar to the former nude modeling shtick. The footage showcases the mother-to-be's preparation for her first child, doing everything from packing her hospital bag in front of friends who are shocked by the new moms plans to use “nipple cream” to fearing the pain of labor before finally enjoying her time with her newborn.

The real drama of the majorly mellow episode begins when Madison begins feeling the effects of labor, describing the pain of her contractions saying, “[It] feels like squeezing all of your inside together into a tiny little marble,” the Daily Mail reports.

Despite the pain of the delivery, Madison she said is pleased to be a mother.

“I’m so happy with Pasquale and with my baby, and I’m going to enjoy it for the rest of my life,” she said.

The couple not only showed off their newborn for cameras, Rotella also revealing his plans to wed Madison this summer, Aug. 14. The self-classified “experience creator” broke the news to his girlfriend of almost two years by playing a practical joke on the star at the end of the special, pulling into the parking lot of a drive-through wedding chapel near their home in Las Vegas.

Madison told Localites-TV Monday that she was pleased she was able to show the reality of labor on the program, confirming that she doesn’t have plans to return to her “Peep Show” role despite years of success on the Las Vegas strip.

"It was just totally real, nothing was preplanned,” Madison said. “I’m still trying to figure out how to balance being a mom and everything else."

While her professional career is still a priority, Madison confessed to People that she hopes to eventually have a family of eight.

“We want a huge family, like a Kardashian-sized family,” she said. “I want to have three, then wait a few years for them to be older, then have another three."