Jamie Foxx defended Sela Valve from several rumors that she’s currently the rapper’s new girlfriend, and the bashing of spectators accusing her that she’s a home-wrecker. Whilst Foxx’s gesture was rightful and brave, Valve proved to the world that she can also stand up for herself.

Valve uploaded a video of Foxx and J Young MDK, wherein both artists explained the status of her and Foxx’s relationship, on her Instagram account. The 21-year-old singer captioned the said video with her statement addressed to those people who care.

Foxx’s rumored new girlfriend stated that the uploaded video was the true story. Challenging the spectators, she said that people could keep talking and call her home wrecker, gold digger and other bad stuff –some could even wish for her to die.

Here’s the thing though, Foxx’s rumored girlfriend doesn’t care.

“It doesn’t matter to me. I’m out here to work and do what I love most. #music #killthedoublestandard,” Vave said in her post.

Foxx apparently welcomed Ed Sheeran and Nick Cannon to his house, he said in the video uploaded by his rumored girlfriend. Before these two big names hit the music industry and became famous, Sheeran and Cannon stayed in Foxx’s crib. Foxx said in the video that it didn’t matter who people were, everybody was welcome in his house.

J Young admitted that he was the one who introduced Vave to Foxx, claiming that the young lady really has talent. Fox said that what he did to Sheeran and Cannon when they started was the same thing he did to Vave –he took her under his wings. Foxx repeatedly said in the video that they would try to protect their own.

Foxx also stated that he already spoke to Vave’s mom and she placed her trust in the rapper. In his statement, he called out people and asked the public to stop spreading the rumors between him and Vave having a romantic relationship.

All Foxx’s ever wanted was to give Vave the opportunity in the music industry. He said that she wanted to give her a chance to show her talent to the world.

Instead of a romantic partner, Foxx reportedly acts as Vave’s mentor. In fact, the artists appeared in together in LA’s Power 106 FM back in July, just a few months after his split with Homes, to discuss her career and upcoming album, Page Six reported.

Fox and Holmes were together for six years, and on Monday, a source reportedly confirmed to E! News that the couple parted ways in May.