Microsoft Hololens Ukranian Militart
A Microsoft HoloLens is displayed during the opening of a flagship Microsoft Corp. retail store in New York, Oct. 26, 2015 REUTERS/Lucas Jackson

Microsoft claimed at its launch event in October that its HoloLens AR headset will be a multi-usage headset with applications in space, architecture and medicine, but there is one more usage the device is being put to — military armor usage. Ukranian company Limpid Armor showcased its Circular Review System (in Ukranian) - a headset that utilizes the HoloLens and camera feeds to provide soldiers a 360-degree view of their surroundings.

The Circular Review System will use Microsoft's "mixed reality" technology, which combines both virtual and real-time content to provide consumers with a complete profile of their surroundings. The technology could especially help tank personnel, as the device would collate data from cameras placed on the tank to give soldiers a clear picture of whatever they need to see, without taking the risk of poking their heads out. Crews will be shown both infrared and visible spectrums.

The device will come with features such as:

  • 360 degrees surroundings review (optical and thermal imaging modes) at the distance up to 300 metres
  • Video streaming without delay
  • Highlighting allies and identifying enemy positions
  • Look-lock-launch system
  • Automatic target tracking
  • Ability to target designation and video from UAV systems (drones) or other sources

The device was showcased at the Arms and Security show in Kiev in October. The device hasn't seen combat yet, but the Ukranian Army has still shown interest in it, MSpoweruser reported. But it is not the only the Ukrainian army that is interested in the technology — Bloomberg reported in August that the Israeli army's C2 Systems Department had 2 HoloLens devices from Microsoft for possible adaptation to military use.