With Easter Sunday just four days away, Christian celebrants from Rome to the Philippines are partaking in Holy Week traditions during the final week of Lent following Palm Sunday, which commemorates Jesus Christ's entry into Jerusalem.

Many worshippers carry palms leaves throughout liturgies and processions. But while the sight of palm leaves are among the first visible signs that Holy Week has begun, Christians from various regions celebrate in their own unique traditions.

Among the most prominent and visible are the Spanish processions of Christians dressed in nazarenos, or penitential robes, which many participants wear as an act of penance during Holy Week processions. The ceremonies and processions occur all over Spain as well as in the Philippines and several South American countries, where Christians have a significant presence.

Elsewhere, in Romania, Orthodox Christians on Tuesday reenacted Christ's crucifixion, in a ceremony known as the “Stations of the Cross.”

The celebrations will continue throughout Holy Wednesday until Maundy Thursday evening, when Christians will commemorate Christ's Last Supper. On Good Friday, Christians will commemorate Christ's crucifixion before entering a traditional period of mourning and preparation for Easter Sunday, which falls on April 20.

Here's a look in photos at how some Christians celebrate Holy Week.