homeless man
Several teenagers who were allegedly looking to rob a 57-year-old homeless man in Philadelphia are wanted in that man's death, police said, Nov. 28, 2017. In this photo, a homeless man seeks shelter from the rain in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey in Houston, Texas, Aug. 27, 2017. Getty Images

Police are searching for a group of teens who are suspects in the brutal death of a 57-year-old homeless man in the Mayfair section of Philadelphia, reports said Tuesday.

Kevin Cullen died Monday morning at Aria-Jefferson Health Torresdale hospital after he was a victim of a vicious attack and also robbed 13 hours earlier on the 4200 block of Loring Street near the Holmesburg and Mayfair neighborhoods.

Police was called shortly before 6 p.m. EST on Sunday to the 4200 block of Loring Street for a robbery. Officers found the 57-year-old lying on the ground unconscious.

Moments before the brutal beating were recorded by a home surveillance camera and it showed Cullen being followed before he was attacked by the teens out of frame, according to ABC Action News.

One resident, who was present nearby ran to help the man but in vain."They were laughing like it was funny," the resident told ABC Action News. "They hit his head into a wall so hard I felt it in my house on the second floor."

Authorities said Kevin was robbed during the deadly incident which took place just around the corner from his childhood home.

The victim's brothers, Tom Cullen and Mark Cullen, explained that their brother had struggled with alcohol and battled his internal demons over the years while living a transient life around the area following their father's death 11 years ago.

"We didn't get to see him too often. He would come in and out of our lives," Tom told ABC affiliate WPVI.

"He was not abandoned, he was not unloved. He was loved deeply," he added.

Tom also told ABC Action News that his brother was "viscously assaulted by a pack of youths."

"They beat him into unconsciousness, from which he never recovered," Cullen told the station.

Police said that five teenagers allegedly attacked Cullen, a man who neighbors and family said had no permanent home and was said to have often slept behind a local bar.

Police said Tuesday that they took two people in for questioning but have since released them.

"We’re still working on identifications and bringing them in," Philadelphia Police Capt. John Ryan said, according to CBS Philadelphia.

Investigators also stated that one of the teens left something behind at the scene which was later discovered by a witness.

"I said maybe this is one of their phones, next thing we know the thing starts ringing, Instagram Live, so that was one of the guy’s phones," a neighbor named Jennifer Wall said.

Anyone with any information regarding the suspects involved in the murder has been asked to call the police at 215-686-TIPS.

Investigators said that the teenagers were wearing dark color clothing at the time of the incident. One reportedly wore a grey camouflage jacket, police said.

A vigil has been planned for 6 p.m. EST on Wednesday on the block where he died. In the meantime, Mark Cullen, the victim's brother said, family members have been still trying to come to grips with their brother’s violent death.

"It’s going to haunt me for a long time," he said, Philly.com reported.