Although Halloween is a time when kids can get as many sugar rushes as they want, it is also a time when parents need to be extra-cautious about the treats that are being handed to their children.

Trick or treat is a Halloween tradition, but it can prove to be menacing for kids, especially when they are handed dangerous candy which can either physically harm them, or leave them psychologically scarred. Here are a few instances from 2017 when kids received inappropriate candy from strangers:

Penis-Shaped Candy

Two sisters went trick or treating in Durham County, in England, when a stranger handed them a penis shaped candy for Halloween. One of the girls said that they had collected candy from a man’s house and were proceeding to the next door when the man called them back.

"He had waved my little sister back, got something off his stairs near to where he previously got the other sweets from and put it into the bucket," the elder sister said, Metro reported. "We smiled and left as there was another couple waiting with their little girl."

Halloween Japanese children in costumes receiving candy during a Halloween parade in Tokyo, Oct. 29, 2016. Photo: Getty Images/ BEHROUZ MEHRI

She was mortified to find that her younger sister had been given "willy lolly" from Ann Summers, the famous penis-shaped candy. "I felt sick and worried," she said. "I had people saying to me it might have been a joke towards me. If that was the case then he would have given it to me, not put it in my five-year-old sister’s bucket. Whether it was an innocent act or not, I definitely wouldn’t risk it with the amount of kids that play in this street."


Lilyana Wagoner from New Jersey had just returned home after collecting tricks and treats from about 60 houses around their Runnemede neighborhood with her mother, when the 12-year-old felt like having a tootsie roll. "I was in the mood for a Tootsie Roll, and then I take it out and I open the wrapper," Lilyana said. "I try to split it in half because I wanted to save half for later. I realize I can't break it in half. I pull it, and I start to see the needle come out."

The Wagoners immediately alerted the Runnemede police, who confiscated all of Lilyana's candy. However, with no leads to go on, all the police can do is go from door to door and try and figure out where the particularly tampered candy came from. "I strongly suggest to parents that you go through children's candy," Runnemede Police Chief Paul Dailey told ABC affiliate Eye Witness News. "Examine it. Anything that looks open or partially opened, throw it out. We avoided a potential disaster here."

A similar incident happened with a British schoolboy from Dorchester, in England. The unnamed boy came back from trick or treating on Tuesday to discover that a two-inch needle was hiding in one of the Mars Bars he had collected as part of his Halloween candy, the Mirror reported.

Halloween An adult dressed as a werewolf gives candy to a young child who is 'trick or treating' as Brooklyn residents participate in Halloween activities in New York City, Oct. 31, 2012. Photo: Getty Images/ Jemal Countess

He reported this incident to his school bus driver who warned the boy’s parents immediately and wrote on Facebook: "I've never seen anything like this, I just hope and pray that this hasn't happened anywhere else, it was obviously some kind of sick, twisted prank. I'm not shaken up or anything but I called the police right away so that they could warn other parents of children who had been trick-or-treating last night."


A child, who had been out trick or treating in Menominee, a tribal area in Wisconsin, came back with drugs in the Halloween basket. The child’s parents immediately alerted the police who have launched an investigation into the incident, Fox 11 reported

"It looked like a crystal type substance, subsequently was tested, and confirmed it was methamphetamine," Ben Warrington, Tribal Emergency Management Coordinator, said. Tribal Police Detective Josh Lawe added: "We're not sure, it does look like this is an isolated incident, we haven't received any other reports,"

"That's something we're seeing, like I said it's coming up more, we are making arrests, on the streets, and traffic stops," Tribal Police Chief Mark Waukau said regarding the uptick in meth use in the area.

Another case emerged in West Virginia, where a little girl was handed marijuana when she went trick or treating in the Hidden Valley area in the East End of Oak Hill, local news outlet WSAZ reported.