If the teaser trailer for The Host was a disappointment for many, new photos just released from the movie may satisfy that void.

This week, Open Road Films unleashed new stills of Saoirse Ronan, Max Irons and Diane Kruger in the film adaptation of Stephenie Meyer's bestselling novel of the same name.

The photos show Ronan, who plays Melanie (The Wanderer) in her alien and human best, getting close with Irons, who plays her love interest (for her human side anyway). Another photo shows Kruger, who plays The Seeker, in a white blazer and white pants, probably in the middle of controlling Melanie in some sort of scheme.

The Host was first published four years ago, around the same time Twilight (the movie) arrived in theaters, setting off an unprecedented phenomenon surrounding Meyer's books, the film adaptations to come, and the then-relatively unknown actors named Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.

If the film version of The Host takes off in any fashion similar to the Twilight series, director Andrew Niccol and company are in for a big pay day. 

The Host also stars William Hurt, Jake Abel and Frances Fisher. The film opens in theaters Mar. 29, 2013. Cick through for new photos from the film, courtesy of Open Road Films.