Are they hot dogs or legs?
A Tumblr blog started by Alexis Brault, operator of cooking blog, Bob le Chef, poses the question of whether the photos above are pictures of hot dogs or legs Tumblr/Hot-Dog Legs

A photo appears on your Instagram feed, posted by one of your friends. You groan as you see yet another picture of their legs as they lie on the beach or poolside. But are they really pictures of legs or are they pictures of hot dogs? That bizarre question was illustrated quite amazingly with a Tumblr page featuring several photos of bare legs juxtaposed with pictures of hot dogs photographed in a way that resembled photos commonly taken and posted on various social media sites, especially during vacation or the summer months.

Hot Dog Legs 2
Can you tell the difference between hot dogs or legs? Tumblr/Hot-Dog Legs

According to Mashable, the Tumblr blog started after Alexis Brault, creator of a French-Canadian cooking blog, Bob le Chef, came up with the idea and made a personal post on his Bob le Chef blog. He later decided to expand on the idea creating the blog, Hot-Dog Legs, which showcases the various leg photos that look like hot dogs or hot dogs that look like legs.

While you would think one would be able to tell the difference between hot dogs and legs, after a while you start to realize how much they can resemble each other in photos. You’ll be second guessing yourself after looking through a plethora of photos and still be asking yourself: “Are they hot dogs or legs?”

Take a look at the Tumblr blog here and decide for yourself.