House of Cards
Kevin Spacey will reprise his role as President Frank Underwood in “House of Cards” Season 5. Netflix

Everybody knows Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) from Netflix’s political drama “House of Cards” is a ruthless politician who would go out of his way just to secure position and power. But if you were to ask “House of Cards” author Michael Dobbs whether he’d have Donald Trump or Underwood as the President of the United States, he’d rather have the fictional character run the country.

“Better the devil you have slept with,” he laughingly told The Times.

A lot of “House of Cards” fans are extremely excited for the show’s Season 5 return this May, especially since a character who was killed off in Season 2 seems like she would return next season.

The Netflix show shared on its Twitter account a video showing journalist Zoe Barnes (Kate Mara), Underwood’s former lover, talking on her mobile phone while looking out a car window.

The short video sent fans into a tizzy, with most of them unable to belive that she will be coming back. “Wait. What?! Thought she was dead...” one fan wrote. “I thought Frank had shoved her under a train…!!” said another viewer.

Another theorized Zoe could have a twin sister. Others simply complained about the long wait they would have to endure before getting answers about Zoe’s true status.

In Season 5, Spacey will be reprising his role as President Frank Underwood, Robin Wright as First Lady Claire Underwood, Michael Kelly as Doug Stamper, Paul Sparks as Thomas Yates, and Neve Campbell as political consultant LeAnn Harvey.

There will be new players in the series as well, with Oscar nominee Patricia Clarkson and Campbell Scott booking “major roles” next season, according to The Hollywood Reporter. While details of their roles are still being kept a secret for now, it has already been confirmed that they will both be featured heavily in the new season.

“House of Cards” Season 5 will premiere on Netflix on May 30, 2017.