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Be sure you have a back up plan for your iPhone. Rami Al-zayat//Unsplash

One time or another, we’ve lost a phone or had some files corrupted. This made us realize the importance of backing up files, apps and other important data onto a larger device like a PC or laptop. However, it's still not a common practice as it takes a lot of time and effort to go through each and every file to ensure that these are properly backed up.

Fortunately, the great minds of DigiDNA realized this and simplified the whole process of backing up through a go-to backup software. Now you can easily back up all your important data from your iPhone to your Mac or PC and even clone your old iPhone’s data to your new one without having to go through iTunes.

iMazing lets you back up and manage multiple devices so you can be in charge of your files. This iOS transfer tool lets you move files between iPhone to iPhone, iPhone to Mac or PC and vice versa.

iMazing Features

Back up your iPhone and iPad data

iMazing lets you back up all your important files
iMazing lets you back up all your important files

iMazing doesn’t overwrite your iPhone and iPad backups unlike iTunes and iCloud without paid cloud storage. It's the only software of its kind that offers an automatic and wireless backup solution.

Save your messages and chats

Export your iPhone text messages and attachments to your computer or transfer them directly to a new phone. iMazing lets you access your iPhone messages from your PC or Mac including all SMS, MMS and iMessage chats that have attachments and subject lines. It also lets you save and transfer all of your WhatsApp data including details like message status, group events and contacts.

Transfer your music seamlessly

Move your songs from your iPhone to your computer, which can’t be done with iTunes or Apple Music. All you need to do is select the music on your iOS device, copy it to a folder on your computer or your music library. You can also save all the important data including playlists, track names, play counts and even ratings.

Keep your best photos and videos

iMazing lets you transfer and save all your memories
iMazing lets you transfer and save all your memories.

Now, you can conveniently store your important photos and videos on your Mac or PC through a USB device or WiFi. Simply drag and drop any pictures or videos from your iPhone and iPad to your computer and iMazing converts Apple's new image format (HEIC) to JPEG if needed minus the confusing procedures.

Customize your ringtones

You no longer need to purchase ringtones or sync tracks to your iPhone with iTunes. All you need to do is simply drag and drop an audio file to your phone to make it available as a ringtone. Now you can express yourself with custom iPhone ringtones and personalize your alert sounds.

Move your e-books and documents

With iMazing, you can transfer e-books or PDF files to your iPhone and iPad and keep a safe copy of your Apple Books app library on your computer without going through a complex sync process. You can simply drag and drop your books from the Apple Books app to your computer and vice versa.

Export vital information from Safari

Transfer Safari bookmarks from your iPhone or iPad to your Mac or PC without iCloud and to any browser including Google Chrome, Edge, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera. You can also back up your reading lists and extract mobile browsing history from backups.

Export your call history and data

With iMazing, you can easily transfer call logs from your iPhone to your computer in Excel or CSV format where you can sort calls by duration, contact, type and search log for any contact name and phone number. You can even save voicemails as audio files and listen to it on your Mac or PC.

Consolidate your address book

iMazing lets you import and export all of your contacts
iMazing lets you import and export all of your contacts.

You can save all your iPhone contacts on your Mac or PC without needing to use iTunes and outside of the cloud. All you need to do is quickly drag and drop a group of contacts to or from your iPhone. You can even export your contacts to Windows Contacts or to the Mac Contacts App as vCards (multi-contact vCard or split files) or as an Excel or CSV file compatible with Microsoft Outlook and Excel.

Export your calendars

Transfer your iPhone Calendar to your Mac or PC and export entire calendars or selected events to your computer in iCal, Excel or CSV format. With iMazing, you can recover lost calendar data from any backup and view all of your calendar events in one place. Another feature of the software is it allows you to filter out specific accounts or calendars, as well as search by date or keyword and export to standard formats.

Manage your iOS apps

Use iMazing to download your apps (.ipa) to your computer and install them on your iOS devices to save bandwidth and keep original versions of your apps. The software lets you save and restore your game progress or app documents and settings as well.

Browse and extract files

Now you can explore the file system and data of your iPhone and iPad backups on your Mac or PC. You can also recover any file even from encrypted backups and edit backups for advanced fixes and tweaks. iMazing lets you easily navigate the file system of your iTunes backup with a powerful file browser and copy entire folders to your desktop with a simple drag and drop feature.

Transfer files faster and smarter

With iMazing, you have the option to copy all the content from your old iPhone or iPad to a new one and even choose which iOS apps and data you want to keep. Its Quick Transfer feature lets you drag and drop files and folders to your iPhone or iPad and load compatible apps so you can pick where you'd like your content to go.

iMazing lets you manage your iPhone your way
iMazing lets you manage your iPhone your way.

iMazing is free to download but offers a Personal Plan for three devices and up, plus an annual subscription for unlimited devices. Subscribe here.

It also offers a Business Plan for your whole team and more advanced device management. Subscribe here.