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Receiving spam calls can be really annoying—in some cases, even dangerous. Once you answer a spam call, your phone number could become a target for scammers. Believe it or not, some robocallers can easily get your personal details, such as your full name and address, in just a few seconds.

YouMail Block Robocalls
YouMail is an innovative and reliable app that automatically blocks all robocalls. YouMail

People often say that the best thing to do about these calls is to just ignore them, but wouldn't it be best if you no longer receive any spam calls at all? A trusted spam call blocker would be a great solution to this.

YouMail is an innovative and reliable app that automatically blocks all robocalls, keeps your voicemail clean and protects your phone number from scams, fraud, and phishing attempts.

100% Spam Call Blocking and Maximum Protection

Although there are quite a few call-blocking apps out there nowadays, YouMail offers the strongest robocall-blocking features that prioritize blocking spammers and robocallers. Around 11 million users have successfully blocked spam calls with the help of this app, effectively protecting their phone numbers from prying eyes and ensuring privacy and peace of mind.

YouMail's patented technology automatically compares callers against their library of millions of bad numbers. If there's a match, YouMail will instantly send the call a "this number is not in service" greeting. That number will then be flagged and denied from contacting your number ever again.


The call-blocking feature automatically detects unwanted calls, prevents your phone from ringing, and plays an "out of service" message. After that, the call will be disconnected. YouMail will then send you an alert with detailed caller information and an explanation of why the call was blocked, such as "An IRS scam was blocked."

The call-blocking feature automatically detects unwanted calls. YouMail
Block List
The 100% spam call blocking option allows you to protect yourself from intrusive callers. YouMail

The 100% spam call blocking option allows you to protect yourself from intrusive callers. You can also add other numbers to the list and include any number you would no longer like to receive calls from. When a number on that list calls, your phone won't ring. The caller will be completely blocked and won't be able to leave a voicemail either.

Call Screening

YouMail recently launched their new feature, which requires unrecognized callers to go through an audio captcha before they can call your phone. They would need to take the time to press a couple of keys to identify themselves as human. The Call Screening feature carefully detects and screens unknown callers for maximum protection and security.

It blocks unwanted calls and messages to eliminate spammers and robocallers. Once the number trying to call you is identified as spam, it won't let them ring your phone and an out-of-service message will be played instead to be removed from the lists. Other optional features include treating international numbers, local numbers, and unexposed numbers like known spammers, so they won't be able to contact you at all.

YouMail Robocall Blocking Plan

Using the YouMail app is very convenient. It doesn't require a credit card and you don't have to break the bank to keep your phone number safe and secure 24/7. Simply download the app from the Google Play Store or the App Store. Then, create your account and enter your primary phone number to give YouMail's system access to protect your device moving forward.

Call Protection
Using the YouMail app is very convenient. YouMail

Once you avail of the Robocall Blocking Plan, you can get 25% off on a personal plan with their back-to-school promo. It is 100% risk-free and you'll get a full refund over the next 14 days if you end up not liking the upgrade. There are also no contracts involved, so you can cancel anytime - no pressure!

Stay protected and block all spam calls instantly with YouMail.