Apple has now released the much-awaited iOS 16.4 for iPhone, which brings with it a host of new features, along with various bug and security fixes. It includes updated and innovative emojis and voice isolation capabilities for enhanced phone calls.

Here is a rundown of the additions that iOS 16.4 brings to your iPhone:

New emojis

The latest update for iOS, version 16.4, brings new emoji additions from Unicode's 2022 recommendation list. It includes options such as a shaking face, a heart in three fresh color alternatives and emojis featuring a donkey, a moose and a jellyfish, among others.

Enhanced podcast app

The improved Apple Podcasts app will have several new features for both iPhone and CarPlay. The Podcasts app on iPhone now includes a convenient channels menu that consolidates a range of podcast channels in one place.

The Up Next queue has been enhanced to include episodes saved in listeners' libraries and the ones played from shows they do not follow. Additionally, CarPlay users can access the Up Next and Recently Played queues from the Listen Now tab and browse recommended podcasts from the Browse tab.

Improved HomeKit architecture

Users can now upgrade to the new HomeKit app architecture, which was previously launched in iOS 16.2 but was temporarily withdrawn due to some glitches. With iOS 16.4, users can install an optional patch in the Home app that introduces a more robust and efficient architecture.

The revamped architecture will enhance the performance, efficiency and dependability of the app, specifically for controlling smart home accessories, Apple said.

Voice isolation

Once activated, this feature effectively eliminates background noise in your surroundings, resulting in a clearer audio output during your calls. Before this, Voice Isolation was only available during Wi-Fi calls using apps such as FaceTime and WhatsApp.

Duplicate photo detection

iOS 16.4 offers a feature that allows users to quickly identify duplicate images in Photos. If you frequently share photos with family or friends through iCloud, the software will automatically detect duplicate copies across all albums, with the option to merge them effortlessly.

Crash detection optimizations and updated Apple Wallet

Additional crash detection optimizations are included in the iOS 16.4 version for iPhone 14 models. This feature was introduced after emergency dispatchers in the United States and Canada received several false 911 calls from winter sports enthusiasts during the winter season.

Additionally, you can customize your home screen with three brand-new tracking widgets for Apple Wallet. Each widget displays real-time tracking information for active orders, They feature various display preferences.

Focus mode filters

iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max users can now select or deselect the always-on display option for specific Focus modes. To do so, navigate to the bottom of the edit page when establishing a new filter, select Focus Filter and then toggle Always-On Display to enable or disable the feature for the designated Focus Mode.

How to download iOS 16.4

iOS 16.4 and iPadOS 16.4 are now accessible for all iPhone and iPad models. To initiate the update procedure, navigate to the Settings application, select General and opt for Software Update.

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