The rampant spreading of COVID-19 has cast a feeling of gloom on the business world. Even though the virus is far from over, most of the lockdown restrictions have been lifted.

There is obviously a limit to how long we can afford to stay away from customer communications and sit at home. All the hard work of building a brand name done pre-pandemic will be in vain. It will allow the competition to bring you down and put you out of business.

“Obviously, we will have to come out from hiding and get back to improving our brand presence. The time has come to resume having positive engagements with our clients and prospects.” - William Margita from

Firstly, you will need to assess the damage that has been created by the pandemic to your industry. Also, you will need to continually update yourself on government notifications to see if you are allowed to open your business premises.

Most people are following social distancing now, and are really hesitant to walk into stores. This is why it is of utmost importance to reach out to them through digital modes of communication.

“Even if one person gets infected, it will affect the whole family and even the neighborhood or community. People are not willing to take chances anytime soon… During these times of uncertainty, businesses will have to find alternative ways to communicate with their customers. They will also need to make changes to their product delivery systems, because people prefer to purchase online, as it not completely safe to go out to purchase non-essentials.” - CEO, Bunch of Animals.

Digital paid advertisements:

Companies stopped spending on their advertisements after the lockdowns were announced. Most of them felt: What is the use of spending on advertisements when we cannot open our showrooms or business premises?

While most IT companies were able to resume their production by allowing their employees to work from home, product sellers had to use door deliveries and shipping to meet their sales targets.

With the drastic decline in demand for advertising, the prices have decreased. Most of the cost-per-click charges have nearly halved. You can check out the Pay-Per-Click deals that are running these days, and use them to get quick results. It is an ideal advertising platform for targeting local customers.

“We saw a huge dip in demand for products on our ProteinFactory website because most of the gyms were closed. We ran a few PPC campaigns for the best curcumin supplement as soon as gyms started reopening. We were delighted to see good and fast results by bidding low on cost per clicks.” - CEO, ProteinFactory.

Guest Posting:

Many companies were able to bounce back from the economic crisis by focusing on improving the organic search results of their web pages. The need for SEO has grown more than ever because companies are going digital to cater to the needs of their customers.

“We actually saw a climb in our sales during the pandemic. Since it was a widely known fact that COVID-19 could cause fatal complications to people with diabetes, many Diabetics started purchasing life insurance. We continued getting good volumes of targeted traffic and sales on our website, because of our backlinking efforts with guest posting for many years. It allowed us to stay ahead of our competitors in Google search results.” - Matthew Schmidt, CEO - Diabetes Life Solutions.

The thing about focusing on SEO is that it yields long term results. Your campaigns won’t die off when you stop spending on them. Good quality guest posts will keep marketing your business in the long run. Also, they work out a lot cheaper than PPC and other methods of online marketing.